PRSP Invites Students on a Journey to PR for Good in First-Ever Virtual PR Con

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - PRSP Students' PR Con 2021
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It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the massive amounts of information available to us. From newspapers and television, to search engines and social media, to new and emerging platforms, we can access any type of information we want – but just how do we discern which information is useful and which is irrelevant or downright harmful? Has technology made things easier or more complicated? How do we use new media responsibly?

With our continued reliance on communication and digital platforms heightened by the pandemic, these questions are more relevant now more than ever. To address these issues and to help us look at media and communication in a more hopeful and progressive light, the Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP) is holding the Students’ PR Con this November 2021.

The PRSP Students’ PR Con 2021 is the first-ever virtual, interactive and nationwide edition of the Students’ PR Congress, the organization’s annual event for students to learn more about the public relations industry from leading practitioners in the field. With the theme “Decoding Content: The Journey to PR for Good”, this year’s Students’ PR Con aims to help participants navigate the new media landscape and tackle the different stages of the content journey.

“We are excited to bring the PR Con to students of public relations, communications, marketing, advertising and related disciplines in the Philippines. Despite the pandemic, digital platforms have given us the opportunity to bring people from all over the country together to learn and engage in an interactive way,” said Mr. Ferdinand Bondoy, Chairman of PRSP Students’ PR Con and Grand Prix 2021, Board Trustee of PRSP and Regional Integration & Chief Executive Director of ComCo Southeast Asia – New PR and Smart Social.

“Digital and new media are not the future anymore, they are the present, and we want to invite students to explore these new frontiers with us, along with the challenges and opportunities they bring. How can students navigate this new landscape and what does it mean for them as they look to enter the workforce as young communications professionals? We will address these questions and more in the PRSP Students’ PR Con 2021 this November,” Mr. Bondoy added.

Mr. Norman Agatep, President of PRSP and also the President and Managing Director of Grupo Agatep meanwhile said, “Students of Communication have always been a significant sector that the PRSP has been reaching out to over the years. As such, we have designed pillar programs that aim to supplement their classroom learning, fuel their interest in public relations, and ignite their desire to pursue careers in our industry, This year’s PR Con will give all participants an exclusive glimpse of what their lives as PR professionals could be like.”

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The Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP) is the country’s premier organization for communication and PR professionals. In its roster are practitioners who represent business and industry, the academe, government, non-profit organizations, and professional services, among others.

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