Singaporean Lions tested positive for the Covid-19

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - Singapore Lion
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By: Dustin Angeles


Since the pandemic started, the overall number of cases has reached 255 million. Still, it comes as a surprise that it has even reached the king of the jungle, as an African Lion at the Singapore Zoo has recently shown signs of sickness and tested positive for COVID-19.

Similar cases have already been confirmed by Singapore’s Animal and Veterinary Services (AVS), making this the fifth lion to test positive for COVID-19 in Singapore.

“AVS had earlier given an order to Mandai Wildlife Group under the Animals and Birds Act to isolate the nine Asiatic lions and five African lions as two separate groups, within the Night Safari and the Singapore Zoo, respectively,” AVS shared in a statement. All lions are now currently isolated within their respective dens, including the five lions who tested positive for COVID-19.

The Mandai Wildlife Group’s sick lions are “bright, alert, and active for now,” according to a spokesperson from AVS. Despite the fact that the danger of transmission from ill animals to humans is quite minimal, the exhibitions are closed for the lions to rest. Safety precautions for both the animals and tourists are still being strictly enforced.

Featured photo from Straits Times

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