Suria KLCC Launches Tallest Christmas Tree in Malaysia

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - Christmas Tree Suria KLCC Malaysia
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By: Dustin Angeles


With Christmas just around the corner, you can really feel the holiday spirit with the different kinds of decorations everywhere, from Santa Claus statues to garlands and Christmas ornaments, and even gigantic Christmas trees.

SEA Wave - Christmas Tree Suria KLCC Malaysia

Image from Suria KLCC

You read that right – Malaysia is amping up their Christmas set-up with the tallest Christmas tree from Suria KLCC as part of their holiday train theme this 2021.

SEA Wave - Christmas Tree Suria KLCC Malaysia

Image from Suria KLCC

Throughout the years, Suria KLCC has experimented with several Christmas themes. Their Christmas tree at the KLCC Esplanade, which will be up until the 3rd of January 2022, measures 32 meters tall, 14 meters wide, 12.2 meters in circumference, and weighs 14,698 kg. It has 2500 ornaments, 3714 garland leaves, 40000 LED bulbs, and 319 star-shaped LED lights.

What are your thoughts on Suria KLCC’s tallest Christmas tree? Share your reactions in the comments section below!

Featured image from Suria KLCC

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