You Can Now Get Lola Nena’s Famous Triple Cheese Doughnuts as Ice Cream

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - Lola Nenas Merry Moo Ice Cream Triple Cheese Donut
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By: Rachelle Wu


Now many of us are huge fans of a lot of things that Lola Nena’s makes—the wide variety of delectable products that come in both sweet and salty treats that can be enjoyed for merienda, especially for their famous old-fashioned doughnuts. But did you know you can now get their crowd-favorite doughnuts in a creamy frozen form?

Yes, that’s right. Lola Nena’s has partnered with specialty artisanal ice cream brand Merry Moo to bring us their take on a limited-edition ice cream flavor: Triple Cheese Donut, and it is now available in select stores this March! Imagine your favorite cheesy flavors made dreamier, creamier, and cooler

The Triple Cheese Donut ice cream is not just any cheese ice cream: it is made with Lola Nena’s iconic doughnuts that makes it refreshingly good. This is a true cheese lover’s ice cream—it delivers a wonderful and complex buttery taste of the OG doughnut with chunks of the actual doughnut, savory cheese bits, and a thick, creamy consistency that will cool you off.

Mouth-watering yet? Try this limited-edition, special ice cream for yourself by placing an order through Merry Moo’s website, or via take-out from Lola Nena’s Xavierville, Katipunan and Jupiter Street, Makati City branches. A pint goes for P450 so try it out and pro-tip: one pint is not enough so be prepared to stock up on these frozen treats as soon as you get them.

Would you like to try this limited-edition flavor of ice cream? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Featured photo from Lola Nena’s

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