Must-See Apocalyptic Movies on Netflix

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - Apocalyptic Movies on Netflix
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By: Bianca Velasquez

Meteors, zombies, comets, plagues – you name it!

There are many ways people have imagined how the world might end. Some get extra imaginative and make a movie with it. If you’re curious as to how your worst nightmare may come to life, we rounded up great apocalyptic movies that you can watch on Netflix.

Don’t Look Up

This all-star cast with Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Laurence, Jonah Hill, Meryl Streep, Ariana Grande, and many more paints a very frighteningly realistic picture of how the world will react to the news of a devastating comet that will kill all life on planet Earth. Two astronomers are going above and beyond to prove to mankind and the government that they are not trying to spread fake news but rather they are trying to save the planet. Many mixed reviews on this movie however this science fiction, dark comedy movie is a must-watch!


What would you do if you knew exactly when the world was going to end? Featuring Nicholas Cage, this 2009 movie follows an MIT astrophysics professor whose son finds a piece of paper in his school’s time capsule that had numbers written from top to bottom. Turns out the numbers reveal future catastrophes that he tries to prevent and eventually a more life-threatening threat begins to unravel that puts the entire world in danger.

A Quiet Place

This post-apocalyptic movie is a cinematic masterpiece as the entire movie is more reliant on sound effects than on dialogue. Featuring John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, this movie follows the story of a family that is trying to survive as their homes have been invaded by a blind alien species that has extremely sensitive hearing and attacks anything that it hears. Aside from trying to stay alive, the two have to raise a family with their two young kids, and a baby on the way.

I Am Legend

The seventh highest grossing movie in 2007, Will Smith, a scientist, is the last remaining human alive in New York City as a plague has wiped out most of humanity, leaving many dead and many into violent monsters. This movie shows how an incurable virus leads to the development of a worldwide apocalypse that is caused mainly by a disease. He battles for his life day and night with his four legged partner in crime and fights every day to find a cure.

Train To Busan

Now let’s put a spotlight on an Asian movie. This very vivid and horrifying movie follows a train that travels from Seoul to Busan as a deadly zombie apocalypse suddenly unravels right in front of them. This movie will surely keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the violent and gory scenes as the passengers on this train fight to survive in an enclosed space and their worst nightmares surrounding them.

Bird Box

Could you fight for survival with a blindfold on? Imagine a world where simply looking at these entities will lead to your death by suicide. This seemingly impossible situation is what Malorie, played by Sandra Bullock, went through. Not only did she have to fight for her life against entities that she cannot even see, but she also had to protect her two young children along the way. Buckle up for a ride of emotions and skyrocketing levels of stress as you sit through this 2018 post-apocalyptic horror thriller film.


When the faith of humanity is threated by the presence of demons who roam the earth disguised as innocent humans, a group of strangers met through faith join forces under the leadership of Archangel Michel (Paul Bettany) to fight for their future. All hope lies in the hands of the unborn child of a waitress, the main target of the demonic forces.

The Day After Tomorrow

Global warming is an issue that everyone knows about today, but how would you react if you find out that these are signs of a new Ice Age fast approaching? Jack Hall, a Paleoclimatologist, studies the patterns and the consistent disasters across different places and races to warn the world and save his son from an imminent disaster that is bound to happen.

Deep Impact

This movie paints a horrific picture of how it would feel like waking up one morning and finding out that there is a life-threatening comet hurling towards Earth and the US has prepared caves that can only fit 1 million people in it for 2 years. The unknown power that the universe outside of our atmosphere holds is a fear that can hardly be ignored, watch as US and Russia join forces to put a stop to this comet and save the planet.


Doomsday is fast approaching as citizens and government alike are scrambling to fight for another day. The countdown begins and they work day and night to have the best deep core driller in the world to train a team of skilled astronauts to detonate an asteroid as big as Texas in outer space. Time is running out and billions of lives are at stake, will they make it?

Do you have any other apocalyptic favorites you’d like to share? Tell us in the comments section!

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