High Five Zombie Movies of Different Flavors to Satisfy Your Hunger for Thrill and Action

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - Zombie movies
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By: Arns Santiago


Who can resist a good zombie flick for movie night? With the blood pumping action and spine-tingling suspense this genre brings you will surely feel alive after watching the undead. But the zombie movie genre is no stranger to exhausting and repetitive storylines that end up with a generic watching experience. And of course, we don’t want that! Which is why we’re here to give you High Five unique and diverse films about these brain eating creatures that will give you the entertainment and satisfaction you deserve. Whatever you’re in the mood for, we’ll have it for you!


SEA Wave - Zombie movies - Zombieland

Photo by Columbia Pictures

Can you survive a zombie apocalypse? If you follow the rules in Zombieland, you might just have a fighting chance.

In this 2009 American zombie comedy directed by Ruben Fleischer, we see Columbus played by Jesse Eisenberg share his rules of survival in a zombie infested world as he along with fellow survivors played by Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin seek refuge the post-apocalyptic zombie world they now live in.

Aside from the brilliant comedic performance and undeniable chemistry of the entire cast, this film’s take on the zombie survival trope is both refreshing and entertaining. But it’s all not just laughs and gore as this film also has some pretty gut-wrenching scenes that will surely make you tear up in between laughing.

This film showed how a group of strangers learn to trust each other and eventually find a home in each other’s company ultimately building a bond that will help them not only survive but also live. And they did survive as we got to see more of in the sequel Zombieland: Double Tap.

28 Days Later

SEA Wave - Zombie movies - 28 days later

Photo by Fox Searchlight Pictures

You’re probably thinking, “Uhm, this isn’t even a zombie film!”. Well, you’re not alone with that thought, even the director of the film, Danny Boyle believes his film isn’t a zombie flick. But wherever you stand on this debate, there’s no denying that 28 Days Later has left its mark as one of if not the best zombie movie of the 21st century making a top on our high five.

After being in a coma for a month since a chimpanzee infected with “rage virus” was set free, bike courier Jim awakens to a deserted London city. Unbeknownst to him the city is now filled with zombie-like people who have insatiable hunger for flesh. As Jim stumbles upon a group of survivors, their journey for safe have begins as well as the fight for their lives.

The film garnered critical acclaim with many praising the film’s story and performances. Which is why it’s no surprise that it spawned sequel 28 Weeks Later and even a novel sequel. Not only was this film regarded to reinvigorating the zombie genre, but it was also ranked as the 97th best British film ever by Time Out in 2017. And if those reasons aren’t enough to convince you to check this one out, the film on its own is thrilling, entertaining and unique as it’s not your ordinary take on the zombie idea.

Warm Bodies

SEA Wave - Zombie movies - Warm Bodies

Photo by Lionsgate

Zombies and Nicholas Hoult? Yes, please! In this 2013 film based on the 2010 novel of the same name by Isaac Marion, we follow the story of “R” a zombie and how he falls in love with Julie which causes him to slowly return to being human. Told from the POV of “R”, the film shows the conflict between the romance of man and beast and how they were willing to defy everything in the name of love.

This movie is perfect for those who are fans of romantic movies as romance is an essential element in this brains-eating flick. As a crucial plot point is how the zombies in the film were slowly humanizing again, the film showed just how powerful love can be as it was able to make the heart of the lifeless zombies beat again and eventually revert to being humans.

And if love was able to make “R’s” heart beat again, this film will surely have your heart beating with excitement and satisfaction as you enjoy their story and love unfold.

Army of the Dead

SEA Wave - Zombie movies - Army of the dead

Photo by Netflix

What do you think of when hear “Las Vegas” Lights, booze, money, fun? Wrong! When we think of Vegas, we think of genetically modified zombies and a million-dollar heist with Dave Bautista and his gang front and center of it all.

Army of the Dead is a 2021 American zombie heist film directed by Zack Snyder. The film follows a group of mercenaries who plan a Las Vegas casino heist amid a zombie apocalypse to retrieve $200 million within 24 hours before the city is bombed.

The film sounds like it’s a lot because, it is! But that’s what makes it such an entertaining and unique take on the genre. It isn’t your ordinary zombie flick because it isn’t just their survival at stake but a whopping butt load of money and the zombies aren’t your usual undead, they’re different, almost alien-like with their superior intelligence and tactics. Which is why this, the ensemble cast, the action, and the excitement combined makes this movie a high five on our list and it’s available on Netflix!

And the adventure doesn’t stop with this film as a prequel, Army of Thieves is also available to stream (also on Netflix) and a sequel, Planet of the Dead is already in development (also by Netflix). There is much more zombies and stories to explore on this one.


SEA Wave - Zombie movies - Alive

Photo by Netflix

In the age of modern technology and social media, how would a zombie apocalypse look like? Well, this South Korean zombie film gives you pretty good idea on that matter. #Alive follows Oh Joon-woo as he struggles to survive alone in his apartment while zombies ravage the city, luckily, he eventually finds company in Kim Yoo-bin and together, they fight to stay, well, alive.

The idea of being all alone when a zombie apocalypse happens is pretty terrifying and that’s what makes this film really great. You see the struggle; you see the suffering that Joon-woo played by Yoo Ah-In goes through which makes you root for him and want him to survive even more. And when you see him find company through Yoo-bin played by Park Shin Hye, you also feel a sense of relief but also fear as the stakes double for both to survive. And the question is, do they survive? Do they manage to stay alive? Well, the only you can find out is by heading on over to Netflix and checking it out! And if you’re interested in watching the American adaptation of this film, Alone starring Tyler Posey is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video!

Five films, five different takes on a fan favorite genre. Zombie films, much like how the fictional creature is portrayed on the big screen can evolve and continue to surprise us. Whatever you’re into, whatever your preference is, you just have to look, and you’ll find the perfect movie about the undead for you.

What’s your favorite zombie flick and which one from our list will you be watching first? We’d love to know! Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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