KFC Indonesia Takes It Up A Notch By Innovating New & Old Products

by Dianne Curray
SEA Wave - KFC Indonesia Rosemary Butter Grilled Chicken
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KFC Indonesia has launched a twist to the old-fashioned KFC fried chicken – the Rosemary Butter Grilled Chicken.

KFC started offering grilled chicken in the US in 2008, Australia in 2009, and Singapore in 2018. This time, Indonesia now offers the consumers a new way of enjoying their chicken.

The Rosemary Butter Grilled Chicken is a piece of freshly grilled chicken with a mix of KFC’s special herbs and spices. It has the combo of a crunchy skin texture and soft chicken meat with the savory taste of butter and spiciness, priced at RP19.091 for a la carte (prices may vary).

As of this moment, the Rosemary Butter Grilled Chicken is only available on selected stores in Indonesia (KFC Kemang Raya, KFC MT Haryono, and the KFC Cempaka Putih outlet). It will be available in more outlets soon.

In addition to their new product, KFC Indonesia also brought back its mainstay menu – the Classic Menu last year.

The Classic Menu was first offered in Indonesia in 1979. It is comprised of one piece of the original chicken, bread, corn on the cob, coleslaw, and mashed potato. Consumers showed a positive response on the re-emergence of this meal set, as they requested KFC to expand the outlets where they offer the Classic Menu – in which KFC Indonesia obliged.

“The presence of the Classic Menu in more locations in Indonesia is a request from consumers and KFC lovers, and we try to fulfill their wishes. However, one of our goals is to provide the best for consumers,” Eric Leong, the CEO of PT Fast Food Indonesia said.

“In addition to bringing back the classic menu, KFC Indonesia is also trying to innovate and present different variations. Rosemary Butter Grilled Chicken is one of KFC’s special innovations, because the processing is different from what you usually find at KFC, which is baked not fried. Unique texture and The special taste and aroma make this new menu not to be missed”, he added.

SEA Wave - KFC Indonesia Rosemary Butter Grilled Chicken

Photo from KFC Indonesia

Aside from this, there are also other products available from the Classic Combo Menu. One of which is the KFC Slider which consists of three dinner rolls with chicken strips and coleslaw – which is priced at RP45.455. The other is the KFC Chicken Steak, which consists of two chicken fillets, coleslaw, and mashed potato – which is priced at RP29.091.

Consumers may wish to opt for the grilled chicken instead of the original chicken when ordering the Classic Menu. The Classic Menu is available in for dine-in, take out, and online delivery at various outlets in Indonesia. For the full list of available outlets, click here.

Will you try KFC Indonesia’s Rosemary Butter Grilled Chicken? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Featured photo from @songofmarch

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