“Underrated But Better”: Filipinos Rave About Nostalgic Restaurant ‘Tropical Hut’

by Dianne Curray
SEA Wave - Tropical Hut
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In today’s world where brands go head to head by revamping their marketing efforts, there is an OG fast food restaurant in the Philippines that is still withstanding the test of time – and Filipino consumers are making the restaurant, Tropical Hut, go viral.

Tropical Hut started trending when Twitter user @dumidyeypee posted photos of how he was the only customer in the Tropical Hut branch in Escolta, Manila.

The tweet then earned thousands of retweets and likes, which led for Tropical Hut to land the trending topics in the Philippines.

It’s as if a wave of Generation X, Millennials, and Gen Z was summoned to take a walk down the memory lane as they reminisce their experiences in dining from the OG fast food restaurant.

A lot of netizens shared their nostalgic stories from the different stages of their lives, recalling memories with the significant people in their lives were shared in Tropical Hut. Twitter user @ReplyCarlos1988 associates Tropical Hut with memories of his “departed loved ones”.

While famous Fil-Am content creator @otakoyakisoba shared that his mom and dad always used to take him to the restaurant after kindergarten.

User @encapedia also shared that her late-father’s favorite fast food was Tropical Hut, and that he always looked forward to eat there after his dialysis sessions.

Others commented on their go-to favorites from the fast food restaurant, which varies from their burgers to sandwiches to salads.

The sudden virality of the restaurant has prompted tons of Filipinos in Metro Manila to order again or try Tropical Hut’s food for the first time. Some even compared it to other fast food restaurants in the Philippines – stating that Tropical Hut is “better” and “more affordable”.

Netizens are encouraging everyone to support the “OG fast food restaurant” as it has been standing still since 1965, only difference now is that there are fewer branches and patronizers.

However, unlike other fast food restaurants, Tropical Hut has retained the taste of its food offerings and the vibe of their interior (although some are suggesting the chain should give its branches a make over).

Tropical Hut still offers a wide variety of food such as Rancho Ranchero, Sili Burger, macaroni salad, chicken/tuna sandwich, club sandwich, daing na bangus, dinuguan, bistek, spring chicken, and many more – really, a go-to fast food restaurant for every craving you’re having.

User @ningbondoc also shared that their branch in the Quezon Memorial Circle is “sensitive to the needs of the not so young ones”, pertaining to senior citizens who patronize the restaurant.

As Tropical Hut gains its well-deserved buzz on the internet, Filipinos are hoping that they stay in business for a longer time, and that it adds more branches so that a lot of people from outside the metro could try the fast food staple.

Currently, Tropical Hut branches are open in Metro Manila and nearby areas, and is available for dine-in, takeout, and Grab delivery. The list of branches are listed below:
SEA Wave - Tropical Hut Store Schedule

What do you think about Tropical Hut? Share us your experiences/thoughts below!

Featured photo from Tropical Hut

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