The Paw-some DC League of Super-Pets Save the Day: A High Five Movie Review

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - DC League of Super Pets Movie
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By: Charlette Inao


When all the members of the Justice League are captured and incapacitated, a ragtag of group of animals coming to their rescue is probably the least of your expectations. Well, grab your pup-corns, because Krypto the Superdog and his newfound friends will surprise you with their mission to save Metropolis in DC League of Super-Pets!

Directed by Jared Stern in his theatrical directorial debut, “DC League of Super-Pets” (2022) is a 3D superhero comedy film based on DC’s original Legion of Super-Pets. The film is centered on Superman’s dog Krypto (voiced by Dwayne Johnson) and his journey of creating new non-severable bonds with a pack of animals who recently gained superpowers and saving the kidnapped Justice League together.

Assemble the team and watch this paw-some movie with your family and friends! And to help you get pumped up, here is SEA Wave’s High Five movie review for “DC League of Super-Pets”.

Purr-aiseworthy Twist

SEA Wave - DC League of Super Pets Movie

Photo from Warner Bros. Pictures

DC League of Super-Pets” brings an exciting flavor to the superhero movies we’ve all been used to by introducing animals as the film’s main heroes. From protagonists Krypto and Ace the dogs, Chip the squirrel, PB the pig, and Merton the turtle, to villains Lulu and her army of guinea pigs, as well as Whiskers the Kitten, the movie does an excellent job in demonstrating a wide range of superpowers being mastered by pets instead of human beings. There is no way kids, pet-lovers, and comic fans won’t enjoy such a fresh and fun concept!

Paw-ssionate Storytelling

SEA Wave - DC League of Super Pets Movie

Photo from Warner Bros. Pictures

Who would have thought that a movie about pets could feel extremely human at the same time? Although the main characters are animals, their stories are ones we can easily identify with and relate to. If you are looking for a film with well-written character development and a plot that tugs on your heartstrings, this one’s for you. Each pet has a unique quirk, fear, and heart-wrenching story of their own, and you will witness how powerfully they overcome their weaknesses in their action-packed journey of self-discovery together. Although the superheroes from the Justice League could have proven themselves more, they sure got themselves the most interesting and loveable sidekicks to lend them a hand.

Purr-fect Humor

SEA Wave - DC League of Super Pets Movie

Photo from Warner Bros. Pictures

Here is one thing for sure with DC League of Super-Pets: you will not go out of the cinema without having a good laugh. Expect a bunch of pet-related puns here and there, as well as several embarrassing and ridiculous situations that our main characters will be stuck in from time to time. They find ways to insert funny punch lines in the supposedly heart-wrenching scenes, and even the DC inside jokes were easily understandable, so prepare to laugh your heart out!

Paw-sitive Themes

You may think that the power-of-friendship trope is getting old, but the way this theme was executed in “DC League of Super-Pets” will certainly not let you down. It’s even better with pets as its main characters, as they are known for being capable of unconditional love.

In the film, Krypto the Super-Dog finds himself drowning in frustration as he realizes that his all-time best friend Superman has found love in Lois Lane and plans to marry her. During his moments of feeling left behind and insecure, the Justice League gets kidnapped, and he finds a pack of animals to help him rescue the gang. Fortunately, he finds a home in his new team. As the super-pets and superheroes fight Lex Luthor and Lulu the guinea pig together, they eventually save Metropolis, with each pet ending with a Justice League member as their new owner.

With lessons about how loving may sometimes equate to letting go, how we are at our strongest with the ones we treasure, and how adversities can be overcome with the help of our friends, you’ll surely be walking out of the cinema with so much more appreciation for your best buddies.

Paw-tastic Animation

SEA Wave - DC League of Super Pets Movie

Photo from Warner Bros. Pictures

Witness the outstanding action scenes and the thrilling display of superpowers of our super-pets and super-heroes before your eyes. Behind the jaw-dropping visuals was the Warner Animation Group, known for its vibrant colors and attention to detail. The human-like facial expressions exhibited by the pets themselves are particularly remarkable, making the film’s storytelling even more effective. Seeing Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the rest of the Justice League in a completely new animation style was also a refreshing experience.

The Verdict

DC and Warner Bros.’ DC League of Super-Pets is not just a masterpiece, it also offers a beautiful story emphasizing the importance of bravery, friendship, and love. As Krypto the Super-dog and Ace the Bat-hound say, “They can’t crush what we have.” Perhaps other characters could have been given more time to shine. Nonetheless, the film is absolutely effective in delivering the most valuable messages.

With this, “DC League of Super-Pets” receives 4 out of 5 waves.

Warner Bros. Pictures’ DC League of Super-Pets is now showing in cinemas.

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