Travel to These 5 Places for a Coffee Experience Like no Other: High Five Instagram-Worthy Coffee Shops

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - Instagram Worthy Coffee Shops
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By: Bianca Velasquez


Looking for the perfect cup of coffee to pair with beautiful, aesthetically pleasing surroundings? This list is perfect for you! Discover new places from the comfort of your home and take notes!

SEA Wave has jotted down its High Five coffee places that will surely give you an experience. Add them to your bucket list, grab your coffee mugs, and book your plane tickets!

Singapore – Bearded Bella

SEA Wave - Instagram Worthy Coffee Shops - Singapore Bearded Bella

Photos from Instagram (@bearded.bella)

A little pink paradise nook with two branches on Craig and Hillcrest Road, Singapore. They are all about living the good life through tasty cups of coffee and delicious plates of food. Enjoy your chosen espresso beans in their cafe or take it home with you to enjoy! They even sell products and accessories to further elevate your caffeine experience at home. If you’re up for a nice hot plate of good food then they have a variety of food to choose from, even vegetarian options! Some of these foods include Crab Croissant, Grilled Cheese and Prosciutto Sandwich, Chia Pudding, Hummus, and many more! Or if you’re up for sweet confections Bearded Bella also serves up mouthwatering homemade cakes.

Bali, Indonesia – Seniman Coffee Studio

SEA Wave - Instagram Worthy Coffee Shops - Bali Indonesia Seniman Coffee Studio

Photos from Instagram (@senimancoffee)

On a quaint little corner in Ubud, Bali lies one of Indonesia’s leading specialty coffee brands – Seniman. They are processors, exporters, roasters, designers, makers, and explorers of high quality coffee beans. They have adopted extremely creative and innovative ways of approaching the art of coffee. Aside from coffee products they also sell accessories to take home, a wide array of delicious food to choose from, and even workshop classes to learn about the way of coffee. If you’re feeling up for happy hour then try their delicious cocktails that are made with, you guessed it! – espresso.

Bangkok, Thailand – Factory Coffee

SEA Wave - Instagram Worthy Coffee Shops - Bangkok Thailand Factory Coffee

Photos from Instagram (@factorybkk)


Don’t let the simple industrial interior fool you because what they hold inside is a group of highly skilled baristas ready to serve you with very inventive coffee products to choose from. Pair these drinks with some baked goods while you’re at it too! You can count on the quality and expertise of their drinks because the shop is also run by Thai Barista Champion, Athip Archalerttrakool. Some of their creative concoctions include Mocha Sea Salt, El Brown Espresso, White Citrus, and Mrs. Cold.

Hanoi, Vietnam – The Note Coffee

SEA Wave - Instagram Worthy Coffee Shops - Hanoi Vietnam The Note Coffee

Photos from Instagram (@thenotecoffee)

“I am a believer that color affects people’s moods” – Lilly Pulitzer. For many of you, coffee is your daily picker-upper. This coffee shop gives you that and more because their walls surround you with colorful and beautiful notes from visitors around the world, putting a smile on your face while you sip on good coffee and eat delicious dessert. According to TripAdvisor, this cafe is a great spot to drink Coconut Lattes and Vietnamese Egg Coffee and eat sweets like Cheesecake and Opera Cake.

Makati, Philippines – The Curator

SEA Wave - Instagram Worthy Coffee Shops - Makati Philippines The Curator

Photos from Instagram (@thecurator_)

Coffee or cocktails? Why not both! This cafe doubles as a specialty coffee shop and the best bar in the Philippines. This place has also been in Asia’s best bars list since 2016. A minimalist interior with al fresco seating makes it a perfect place to indulge in drinks made with locally sourced coffee beans. Stop by and you might find a little surprise with their monthly guest beans from different parts of the world and guest baristas from different parts of the country! If you’re done with basking in the aroma of caffeine and tasting the drinks that interest you, come back at night and watch the space turn into a bar that serves specially made alcoholic beverages as well!


Are there other coffee places we need to add to this list? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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