High Five: Pinoy Horror Channels for a Rainy Day

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - Pinoy Horror Channel YouTube
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By: Gabrielle Marcelo


Hey, remember those iconic Pinoy horror shows on TV?  You know, the shows we used to watch when we were younger, like Midnight DJ, Wag Kang Kukurap, E.S.P? Now picture this, it’s a school day but classes got suspended due to heavy rain. Now, as a child you get to stay home all afternoon! And what’s on TV? Our favorite horror shows, of course! We know you missed them, so we got you covered!

This goes to you guys who miss those Pinoy horror shows on TV and to those of you who always look for a thrilling way to relax.

Pinoy Creepypasta

This channel is a Filipino rendition of the famous “Creepypasta” website us horror fans know and love. The channel features stories from talented horror writers and stories submitted by the viewers. The stories narrated range from classic experiences with mythological creatures up to suspense stories involving other humans as well (Tales of Suspense). Stories are often categorized and made into compilations to fit certain themes, that way, listeners will be able to have non-stop horror stories during comfy rainy days.


Araw na Itim

Araw na itim is a horror channel direct connected to the aforementioned channel. Araw na Itim has animated visuals for the stories told in Pinoy Creepypasta animated by talented Filipino artists with their own unique styles. This channel caters to viewers who enjoy watching the events of the story as it is told.

“This is my first time encountering a tagalog horror story with animation 🤩 and boi I am amazed! The way you also narrate is spot on kaya damang dama ko yung stories. Keep up the good work po! 🙇‍♀️ – Zia (Viewer)

Hilakbot TV

Hilakbot TV is a channel on YouTube that aims to bring back the “Gabi ng Lagim” style narrations complete with the deep creepy narrator voice. This channel offers unique stories ranging from 2 sentence Tagalog horror stories, horror stories series and even subscriber horror stories. The channel also has their own Aswang Chronicles playlist!

“Dami ko na napakigggang horror channel pero iba tong hilakbot, mas masarap pakinggan,maganda mag narrate at sound effect” – JC Liu (Listener)

Karimlan Horror Stories

Karimlan Horror Stories is a relatively new animated horror channel with their first video only 1 year old. This horror channel is unique because of the calm and soothing voice of the narrator. Thay features their original animations with their own distinct style. Viewers are encouraged to send their stories in and the people behind the channel create animations based on their entries. Kaimlan Horror Stories also feature an English dub series – Pinoy setting told in English for those who have a hard time with the language but enjoy these types of content.

“Yown after work from home hilata nalang habang nainom ng kape at napapak ng garlic peanuts while watching this” – Romella Karmey

Sandatang Pinoy Horror Stories

Sandatang Pinoy Horror Stories is a channel that publishes mysterious stories based on real events and some fiction. The channel is a podcast-like channel that provides the full rainy-day horror experience to the listeners. Stories are told with a creepy modulated voice complete with ominous background music. The channel also has mini horror series that are 2-4 videos worth of events but listeners who wish to follow a longer story may enjoy more. Nothing like getting invested in a character in a horror story, right?

Salamat sir mark, sa daily upload, listening from Bkk, Thailand, habang nag papa antok makatapos ng maghapong trabaho.” – Salome Funtanares (Listener)

The list ends here but there are many more Pinoy story-telling YouTube channels worth viewing. It’s time to step out of our comfort zone and go back to out roots. Enjoy these local treasures as we indulge in the nostalgia of our childhood!

Excited for a spooky rainy day? Which channel do you planning on visiting first? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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