SKYCable and Thrill to premiere horror series “3AM”

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - 3AM on Thrill via SKYcable
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The Halloween season is fast-approaching, and SKYcable treats adrenaline-seekers with the most scream-inducing thrillers on cable TV this October via Asia’s first 24/7 horror movie channel, Thrill—featuring the premiere of its new haunting five-part anthology series “3AM.”

In collaboration with renowned Malaysian director Adrian Teh, the new Thrill original puts the infamous saying “… nothing good ever happens at 3AM” in full display, bringing audiences five stories of horrific vengefulness and karmic retributions once the clock strikes at 3 in the morning.

For its pilot episode, “The Office,” the story begins with a new employee relentlessly provoking the restless spirits that wander their workplace. But as night falls during his shift, little did he know that the ghosts he’d angered were about to give him a haunting welcome he would certainly not forget.

SEA Wave - 3AM – The Office

Also slated for its succeeding episodes are the horrific stories of a student film crew encountering a ghost of a lady out to take innocent lives, a woman seeking deadly revenge against her unfaithful husband, a camping trip gone wrong, and a judgmental taxi driver turning himself into a ruthless killer.

Get ready to scream your lungs out and watch “3AM” every Monday, beginning October 3, at 9 PM, exclusively on Thrill via SKYcable (Ch. 107 in Mega Manila; Ch, 423 in Cebu and Davao). No access to Thrill? Choose to add the channel on a la carte for P50 per month or through Celestial Tiger Pack on top of your basic cable plan.

Apart from Thrill, Celestial Tiger Pack carries KIX and CCM, offering the best Asian and global content for P100 a month. Visit for more details.

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