SKY’s fun looks you can sport this Halloween

by Matthew Escosia
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As Halloween looms near, the excitement to dress up and prepare for trick-or-treat fun is escalating for everyone, including adults. If you’re tired of the usual witch or ghost look but don’t want to exert too much effort in getting a costume, it’s time to get inspiration from your favorite icons.

Pull off statement looks and flaunt signature styles of iconic people and show characters when you keep up with the latest programs on cable television via SKY Fiber’s affordable Super Speed Plans. Not only do you get fast internet speed, you can also have it bundled with access to over 60 TV channels for as low as P1,699 per month.

While figuring out your ‘trick’ transforming into a whole different person, you also get a ‘treat’ when you subscribe online to select SKY Fiber plans. Those that get SKY Fiber Super Speed Plan 40Mbps or higher can receive up to P400 free Jollibee e-GCs until December 31.

To help narrow down your ideas, check out these icons inspired by various shows. One of them might be your perfect Halloween persona.

Inspirational sports icons

SEA Wave - 01 Inspirational sports icons

If you’re a major sports junkie, try matching your favorite athlete’s sports garb. Sports attire is a quick find and athletes usually have an identifying feature like the color they wear, certain sports accessories, or their team uniform.

Going for world-renowned athletes like Grand Slam tennis queen Serena Williams, 2022 U.S. Open Champ Carlos Alcaraz, or “The Atomic Flea” footballer Lionel Messi will also be recognizable because several people look up to them and their tremendous success.

What’s crucial to this costume is the attitude and aura you exude. Get into the competitive and ambitious headspace of these icons by tuning in to the different matches available on beIN Sports, SPOTV, and Premier Sports channels.

Rock music idols and legends

SEA Wave - 02 Rock music idols and legends

Hit rewind and go for a major throwback with MTV 90s channel’s festive “Rocktober.” While jamming along, why not take inspiration from the spunky fashion of the classic rock music kings and queens?

Guns N’ Roses fans can bring to life the distinct look of the band vocalist Axl Rose with a bandana, a hat or aviator shades, and some edgy clothes. Channeling rock stars such as Gwen Stefani from her days in No Doubt and Billy Joe Armstrong from Green Day will also be a simple yet memorable ensemble. Just watch one of their iconic music videos on MTV 90s and copy their whole look. Regardless of who you choose, make sure to have some songs to belt out at the ready.

Unstoppable and relatable she-roes

SEA Wave - 03 Unstoppable and relatable she-roes

As women superheroes gain exposure in films and series, more girls — young and old — feel empowered with the representation. If you want to dress up as one, it’ll be much easier because they’re evolving from the geared-up ‘superhero’ image into more real and relatable people.

In “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” which you can watch on HBO this month, the lead character Evelyn Wang is a mother and businesswoman struggling to make ends meet. It’s discovered later that she’s the multiverse version meant to save the world, even if she just wears a worn-out button down with a down vest all the time.

“Darna,” airing weeknights on Kapamilya Channel, CineMo, A2Z, and TV5, also has a promising character that fits the description. It’s not Darna, but Narda. Despite being the mighty heroine’s human alter-ego, Narda’s passion and hard work saving others from danger as a regular Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) makes her worthy of being called a hero.

Become a SKY subscriber to access all these channels and get more character ideas. SKY Fiber Super Speed Plans 40Mbps (P1,699/month), 80Mbps (P2,499/month), and 150Mbps (P2,999/month) are cable-bundled subscriptions that come with free speed boosts until December 31. All of these include a SKY Evo digibox with built-in streaming apps as well as two free WiFi Mesh to eliminate any deadzones in the house.

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