Joel Lamangan’s Oras de Peligro aims to fight historical distortion

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - Oras de Peligro Joel Lamangan
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By: Mabel Villanueva


Veteran Filipino filmmaker Joel Lamangan aims to fight historical revisionism through his latest project “Oras de Peligro”, noting that “art should lead to awakening and it should tell the truth”.

The film, written by martial law survivor Bonifacio Ilagan and screenwriter Eric Ramos under Bagong Siklab Productions, depicts the struggles of an urban poor family four days prior to the Philippines’ People Power Revolution in 1986.

Movie producer, Atty. Howard Calleja, said during a press conference in Quezon City that the new generation deserves to know the truth and what exactly happened in 1986. He made it clear that they are not fighting for any administration, but rather they are fighting for the truth, “We just need to sow the truth and be truthful to the Filipino people.”

“Oras de Peligro” will feature real-life footage and news clippings from the period. The film’s cast is led by award-winning actors Allen Dizon and Cherie Pie Picache, Mae Paner, Therese Malvar, Gerald Santos, Marcus Madrigal, Rico Barrera, Carlos Dala, Felixia Dizon, Jim Pebanco, Nanding Joseph, Apollo Abraham, and Elora Espano.

“Oras de Peligro” is targeting a February 2023 release date in cinemas, in time for the 37th anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution.

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