‘Stranger Things’ Musical Gives Justice for Barb

by Matthew Escosia
Stranger Things Musical
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By: Mabel Villanueva


The “Justice for Barb” movement immediately came together after the fan-favorite character was killed on the first season of Stranger Things. Now, she finally gets justice thanks to Stranger Sings: The Parody Musical.

Stranger Sings is turning the horrors and supernatural occurrences in Hawkins into a hilarious musical show. Continuing the storyline from season one, the musical explains why the unfortunate Barb reappears, this time doing duets with her “bestie” Nancy (IYKYK). Among the musical cast members are Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Will, Eleven Hopper, Steve, and Jonathan.

The two-hour-long show features 14 songs depicting life in Hawkins. Started playing off-Broadway in New York, it will continue to run in London through January 1. Meanwhile, the Australian tour will start on November 4 in Melbourne City.

Watch Stranger Sings: The Parody Musical montage here:

What are your thoughts on Barb becoming a vengeful musical diva? Share with us in the comments section!

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