Hit Historical PH Drama ‘Maria Clara at Ibarra’ Transitions to El Filibusterismo

by Dianne Curray
Maria Clara at Ibarra - El Filibusterismo
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Maria Clara at Ibarra, GMA Network’s hit historical television series, is continuing its primetime run as its storyline transitions into Jose Rizal’s 2nd novel, “El Filibusterismo.”

In the music video recently released by GMA, fragments of the first part of the series are compiled – telling the story of “Noli Me Tángere” by the Philippine’s national hero, Jose Rizal. Towards the end of the clip, new snippets of Crisostomo Ibarra (Dennis Trillo) turning into Simoun can be seen.

On the 3rd week of January 2023, the show has finally transitioned into the sequel of the first novel “Noli Me Tángere”, and has given its loyal and casual viewers mixed feelings – not because there are changes to the storyline, but because the first few parts of the second novel is a bit heartbreaking.

Maria Clara at Ibarra - Barbie Forteza David Licauco

Klay (Barbie Forteza), who is one of the lead characters, is also back in the 21st century world as the first book comes to an end – leaving her love interest Fidel (David Licauco) behind as he also joins the revolutionaries.

Maria Clara GMA Network - Barbie Forteza

Klay awakens wearing an outfit from the 1800s with a salakot. Her mother Narsing (Manilyn Reynes), who had been searching for her for hours, was overjoyed to see Klay again.

She is observed sobbing while reading “El Filibusterismo,” which prompts her to visit Prof. Torres (Lou Veloso) and inform him that she can rescue her pals who are still trapped inside the book. She has made friends with Ibarra, Maria Clara, Fidel, Sisa (Andrea Torres), and Elias (Rocco Nacino) – who were presumed dead –  during her time there.

Maria Clara at Ibarra - El Filibusterismo - Khalil Ramos

New cast member Khalil Ramos was spotted placing something on a grave in the forest in one of the most fascinating sequences. The young Basilio (Stanley Abuloc) witnessed his mother Sisa’s passing when Elias left her body buried in the wilderness. Ramos is assumed by viewers to be the adult Basilio who will play a crucial role in Simoun’s vengeance in “El Filibusterismo.”

El Filibusterismo - Julie Anne San Jose Juancho Trivino

On the other hand, Ibarra survives death and reappears as the crafty jeweler, seeking retribution for the wrongs committed against him, his father Don Rafael (Victor Sy), and his beloved Maria Clara (Julie Ann San Jose), whose tragic, unfortunate fate was depicted in the most recent music video in which she is sexually assaulted by Padre Salvi (Juancho Trivino).

Maria Clara at Ibarra - Dennis Trillo

At the end of the video, Klay opens a chest and a bright, sparkling magenta light emerges. The camera then pans out to show Ibarra/Simoun, who is decked up in pricey silk clothing, a revolver in his hand, and a golden ring finger. The video ends showing a book with the title “El Filibusterismo.”

Viewers are anticipating and dreading what will happen in the following weeks as all of these things happen. How will the narrative shift to “El Filibusterismo,” which takes place 13 years after the events of the first book? Will Klay ever voluntarily re-enter the following book? Will she have Fidel’s support in the real world? If they switch from one book to another, will they ever grow older? Will the story for Maria Clara and Ibarra differ in some way? Tune in to GMA7 to find out.

Are you excited about the next chapter of the acclaimed historical PH drama? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Photos from GMA Network

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