‘Crazy Rich Asians’ & ‘Fresh Off The Boat’ Star Constance Wu Announces Filipinese Baby No. 2!

by Ernest Yap
Constance Wu Baby 2023
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Constance Wu is having her second child with her husband Ryan Kattner, who is half-Filipino.

Announced on her Instagram Story, Wu, 40, wrote, “Bun in the oven. Filipinese baby #2 coming soon.”

Constance Wu Baby 2023

Instagram: Constance Wu

Before Constance got pregnant for the second time, the couple had a daughter in August of 2020, who is now two years old. The actress is usually quiet about her personal life, and she didn’t tell People magazine that she had her first child until December of the same year.

In May 2021, when she was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, she talked more about her daughter and touched on her boyfriend’s background.

“I had a beautiful baby girl in August. She’s the best, she’s the best. She has a full head of hair. She has a blue butt,” she said.

According to People magazine, Constance’s daughter has a “Mongolian spot,” which is a flat blue mark that shows up on a baby’s skin in the first few weeks of life.

Wu said, “It seems to happen a lot to Asian babies, and both my boyfriend and I are Asian.”

Constance Wu Crazy Rich Asians

The award-winning actress got her big break on the sitcom Fresh Off the Boat before Crazy Rich Asians gave her her first big break in movies in 2018. She is also well-known because she is in the 2019 movie Hustlers.

Ryan, on the other hand, is the lead singer of the alternative rock band Man Man. His stage name is Honus Honus.

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Featured photo by AFP/Jean-Baptiste Lacroix

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