Living the High Life: Cambodian man fulfills dream of flying with ‘Airplane House’

by SEA Wave
Chrach Pov
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By: Adela-Mae Marshall


When fantasizing about our dream homes many of us would conjure up images of mansions, with swimming pools and perfectly manicured gardens, but for one Cambodian man, this dream looks a little different.

Inspired by his lifelong dream of flying and coupled with incredible wit, Chrach Pov (43) has engineered a home modeled after a plane. Standing proud at 6 meters (19.69 ft) and boasting a charming 2 bedrooms and bathrooms, the concrete construction is completed with mock engines, a tailplane and of course wings!

Located in Siem Reap Province, the burgeoning fame of ‘the airplane house,’ is said to be creating quite the buzz, prompting Pov to reveal his plans of one day opening a coffee shop next to his home so that visitors can enjoy his labor of love.

“I am so excited that I can fulfill my dream now even though it is not yet 100 percent done,” said Pov. He estimates having spent $20,000 so far on his project, after saving up for it for the past 30 years, which just goes to show that one should never stop believing in their dreams.

Even though Chrach’s dreams are almost realized in the form of his marvelous home, he still hopes to one day fly in a real plane…once he gets over his nerves of course.


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Featured photo from REUTERS/Cindy Liu

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