Tim Hortons to finally open store in Indonesia, more branches in Singapore and Malaysia

by Ernest Yap
Tim Hortons Malaysia Indonesia Branch
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In a deal with Japanese conglomerate Murubeni, Canadian coffee shop brand Tim Hortons is set to open hundreds of new stores in Singapore and Malaysia in 2023, followed by Indonesia in 2024.

First reported by Nikkei Asia, the plan is hoped to bring in an income of around $300 million in sales by 2033. With 5,600 locations worldwide, Tim Hortons which is headquartered in Toronto, Canada is set to expand this number in Southeast Asia through this deal.

However, things may not be easy for the company as it will have to directly compete with Indonesia’s own J.Co Donuts & Coffee which has already planted its presence in the Southeast Asian market and globally with 236 locations in the country alone and has international branches in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Saudi Arabia.

On the other hand, fans of the coffee shop chain, especially in Singapore and Malaysia, now in Indonesia will be definitely excited by this news of expansion.

Founded in 1964 by Canadian hockey player Tim Horton. The franchise was primarily serving simple coffee and donuts before. Expanding its menu to include the beloved Timbits (donut holes), dutchie, and flavored cappuccino, which pivoted its success and since then has been loved by Canadians and other people worldwide.

Are you excited for the expansion of Tim Hortons in Southeast Asia? Tell us in the comments!

Featured photo by BNN Newsroom

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