Filipino Dishes Top the Taste Atlas 2023 Best Soups in the World!

by Ernest Yap
Soup Bulalo Sinigang na Baboy
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The hearty Filipino soups “Sinigang na Baboy” and “Bulalo” are among the top 50 best soups in the world, according to Taste Atlas in 2023!

The sour pork-vegetable Sinigang and beef soup Bulalo, both from the Philippines, were given 4.4 stars out of 5 in a global food database.

Simmered with sour tamarind fruit, tomatoes, onions, garlic, okra, white radish, water spinach, and sili (a Filipino small chili pepper), the pork variation of sinigang (the “Filipino savory and sour soup”) is a popular meal in the Philippines. Beef, shrimp, and fish are also common substitutes.

Another variation of sinigang mentioned by Taste Atlas is one prepared with “Japanese seasoning made from fermented rice and barley or soybeans.”

Atlas also noted that while “sinigang mix is available in supermarkets,” the “full experience” could only be had by making the dish from scratch.

The traditional Filipino soup Bulalo is said to be made by “cooking beef shanks and marrow bones until the fat and collagen dissolve into the broth, resulting in a robust flavor of the dish.” Corn, onions, string beans, cabbage, and potatoes are additional common additions.

It’s a Luzon delicacy, and locals there enjoy it whenever the weather turns chilly. The website also recommends several eateries in Tagaytay City for delicious Bulalo: Leslie’s, Balay Dako, Mahogany Market, Josephine, and Bulalo Point.

Since beef shank and bone marrow aren’t exactly budget-friendly, Taste Atlas notes that you can find it at most high-end Filipino eateries.

Sinigang ranked seventh and bulalo ranked nineteenth for greatest soup in 2022. In 2021, Sinigang was voted both the Best Soup and Best Vegetable Soup in the World.

Taste Atlas is a digital database that showcases regional cuisines from all around the world. Anyone planning a trip abroad can consult the site, which details more than 10,000 regional delicacies, drinks, recommended restaurants, and native products.

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