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by Patricia Yap
Blackpink Game
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Have you ever wondered what it must be like to be one of BLACKPINK’s producers? No need to stay curious because BLACKPINK THE GAME will now give you the chance to become a BLACKPINK producer.

One of Kpop’s most, if not the most, famous girl groups today is BLACKPINK. Since their debut in 2016, BLACKPINK composed of members Rosé, Jennie, Lisa, and Jisoo, have taken the world by storm. From performing in music videos that garner tens of millions of views, guesting in highly acclaimed events and shows, and gracing luxury brands as global ambassadors, BLACKPINK will now have a mobile game made after them.

TakeOne Company are the developers behind BLACKPINK THE GAME, which will be the kpop group’s first official mobile game. Players will act as the girls’ producer by solving puzzles that will allow them to manage BLACKPINK’s schedules (rehearsals, photoshoots, performances, etc) and more to ensure the group’s success.

Blackpink Game Exclusive Content

To ensure BLANKPINK’s success, players can train the members in vocal, dance, and acting, among others, to level up their skills as artists. And to guarantee that the girls always look stunning just like in real life, players can also customize and dress up the members’ in-game avatars with more than a thousand outfits.

BLINKS (BLACKPINK’s fans) can even interact and play together in real-time through the game’s various mini games. Winning levels will also reveal exclusive BLACKPINK photo cards and videos that the players can collect.

Blackpink Game Management Blackpink Game Mini Games Blackpink Game Puzzles Blackpink Game Customization

According to a Soompi article, a source from YG Entertainment, the entertainment company managing BLACKPINK, the game will allow fans to witness never before seen aspects of the group.

As for TakeOne Company’s CEO, Jung Min-Chae, they said that “We plan to show a game that is differentiated from the existing ones by combining our unique know-how in content games and the active participation of BLACKPINK members, and will be greatly loved by the global fandom and content game market”.

Together with BLACKPINK THE GAME’s release, the group will also come out with an OST and music video sometime between April to June 2023.

You can already pre-register for the game on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Follow BLACKPINK THE GAME’s official Facebook page here for regular updates.

BLACKPINK is almost in your area so let us know what part of the game you’re most excited for in the comments below!

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