Netflix’s Bird Box Goes International, Spreads Chaos in Barcelona

by Matthew Escosia
Bird Box Barcelona
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Another Netflix hit original is set to return. The clue: Invisible creatures terrify anyone that can see them with thoughts that reflects who they really are causing mass hysteria of suicides forcing the survivors to lose their sense of sight, by wearing blindfolds for the rest of their lives.

Yes, Bird Box! The record-breaking post-apocalyptic film amassed the highest viewership within the month of its release on Netflix. And for its upcoming sequel, the chaos reaches Europe right at the heart of Barcelona!

Directed by Alex and David Pastor (The Occupant), the Spanish-language spin-off takes place in the same timeline as Sandra Bullock’s movie, but it mainly tells the story of Sebastian, played by Mario Casas  (Three Steps Above Heaven) and his daughters’ struggles to survive in the streets of Barcelona, but a sinister twist will threaten their lives more than the unseen creatures.

“Our world has never been more interconnected. To explore the phenomenon that is Bird Box with David and Alex Pastor following people surviving in Barcelona is a timely opportunity to not only entertain but also show how dependent we all are to each other.” Producer Dylan said in a statement.

Bird Box Barcelona will be released as the first film in a series of multiple international spin-offs just like Netflix’s hit series, Money Heist. These films are based on the novel by Josh Malerman.

The cast features Georgina Campbell (Barbarian), Diego Calva (Babylon), Alejandra Howard (Don’t Be Afraid), Patrick Criado (Unauthorized Living), and many other star actors.

Bird Box Barcelona will be released on Netflix July 14th.

Watch the trailer here:

What do you think is the twist in Bird Box Barcelona? Share your guesses below!

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