“The Flash” pumps up the volume on fun fan service: High Five review

by SEA Wave
The Flash Movie 2023
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SEA Wave reviews “The Flash”, the latest DC film starring Ezra Miller as the titular speedster and Michael Keaton in his much-awaited return as Bruce Wayne/ The Batman.


Fully enjoying “The Flash” requires suspending your disbelief in anything that might happen in the movie. Nothing needs to matter as long as you’re tucked in Barry Allen/ The Flash’s time-travel adventures, and in no time, you can easily pass through any major plot or technical inconsistencies.

Oftentimes, the movie feels like an overblown live-action version of a Looney Tunes cartoon episode – for good reasons. There are jokes and wacky character decisions on top of one another, and it makes up for a pretty fun watch.

Barry Allen goes back from the future

It is a classic time travel story: the protagonist Barry Allen goes back in time in hopes of changing the course of his family’s tragic past. Chaos naturally ensues, and the fate of an even larger multiverse is at stake.

A small tweak in his past becomes the reason why the very fabric of his supposed reality changes. In Barry’s original world, his Superman (Henry Cavill) and Batman/ Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) go on their usual superhero hijinks, until alternate versions of the character take over. Superman is no more and is a female Krypton native played by Sasha Calle, while Bruce becomes the Bruce Wayne portrayed by Michael Keaton in Tim Burton’s Batman movies. The three team up when an alien threat re-emerges the Earth.

Nostalgia fever

The Flash Movie 2023

Photo from Warner Bros. Pictures

Keaton reprising his Batman role has become the major selling point of the movie – with Keaton being prominently featured in promotional materials. His addition in the narrative does not only come until 30 to 40 minutes in, but it’s pretty enjoyable seeing him shout some iconic catchphrases from way back.

Nostalgia seems to be the common thread in these time travel movies, but is Keaton needed in “The Flash”? No. But the movie amped up its charm when he’s in the frame. Without going into detail, there is an extended sequence in “The Flash” where a handful of unexpected faces from previous DC films appeared. It is a mouthful for the casual viewer, but for those who come in these movies expecting cameos or surprise easter eggs, this is a treat.

On Ezra Miller

The Flash Movie 2023

Photo from Warner Bros. Pictures

It is apt that we get to see a lot of familiar faces in something as playful as “The Flash”. The lead character goes into unexpected lore we never really see in a DC live-action movie before, but it’s very reassuring that it only went so far to the point where it can still be grounded.

The characters in this universe have always been brooding all the time, and it is quite refreshing seeing someone like Barry Allen be optimistic after the chaos. Ezra Miller owned this character and no question why director Andy Muschietti and the filmmakers have been championing his performance throughout.

Getting the visuals right

The Flash Movie 2023

Photo from Warner Bros. Pictures

I believe there is a better version of “The Flash” out there where everything is more polished, down to its small cameos where the visual effects artists could’ve handled a lot of its CGI faces better.

There were visual work here that can be distracting for some viewers, but for the sake of ensuring everyone appreciate some surprises lay down here, I do wish improvements were made.


The Flash Movie 2023

Photo from Warner Bros. Pictures

I thoroughly enjoyed “The Flash”. It is cartoony in a way that it pulls out the strings for creative choices that defy logic, but those coming in for mindless fun will have a great time with it.

The movie has heart, great performances, and a lot of fan service – they’re fun too.


SEA Wave gives “The Flash” a 3 out of 5 waves.

“The Flash” is now showing in cinemas from Warner Bros. Pictures.

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