Introducing Pure Culture, a Filipino Vegan-friendly Skincare Brand

by SEA Wave
Pure Culture Vegan Friendly Skin Care Product
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Need a glow-up? Why not try Pure Culture, a sustainable and vegan-friendly Filipino skincare brand? Taking pride in their biome-friendly products, they guarantee a healthy skin microbiome through the integration of probiotics in their formulas.

Born out of three passionate moms: Alex Gentry, Rina de la Calzada, and Kim Reyes-Palanca, this skincare brand revolutionizes the way we tackle skin care. Most people do not treat the skin as a microbiome, leaving it sensitive to allergens that cause numerous problems. That is why, as mothers of kids with skin allergies, these three decided to focus on the root cause of skin sensitivity.

“If you have food for the gut for your bacteria–you have prebiotics and probiotics and postbiotics–you also have that for your skin,” Kim explained in an interview with Preview Magazine. The co-founder also mentioned how being exposed to good bacteria will help boost your skin’s immunity from daily allergens.

“You feed your skin by nurturing it. How do you nourish them? We feed them with the probiotics that we have in our skincare. All of our products have probiotics, and we know that it is where the immediate glow comes from,” Kim added.

Sustainability is also a top priority for this brand. Ingredients like lato (Philippine green caviar) is sourced from sustainable harvests in Bohol. On top of that, they partner with world-class labs that prioritize eco-friendly practices. Their commitment to sustainability is also embedded in their packaging, consciously making an effort to keep it eco-friendly. These practices helped them become the first ever Philippine brand to be Safe Cosmetics Australia certified which guarantees consumers that their products are both safe for people and the environment.

For more details about Pure Culture, please visit their official Facebook page here.


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