A Man Called Otto: High Five Reasons Why It’s A Must-Watch Movie

by Gabrielle Marcelo
Man Called Otto
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A Man Called Otto”, the latest drama-comedy film starring Tom Hanks, is receiving a resurgence online as it currently trends on Netflix since its streaming debut. Wanna know why it’s creating a huge buzz? SEA Wave lists down the High Five reasons why everyone should watch the film.


Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks has starred in a slew of classic movies, from Forrest Gump and Saving Private Ryan, to animated works such as the Toy Story franchise. His performance has always been consistent throughout his career, and spoiler alert, he did not disappoint in A Man Called Otto.

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His role as the unfriendly and grumpy widower Otto paved the way for characters around him to present him as a loveable, sometimes comedic individual. His journey in the film showed viewers how he started out as an old man who gave up on life to someone who felt enlightened to make the most of his remaining days. Hanks’ performance was further amplified by his supporting cast, who seems to be just as excited to work with him.


Themes of Mental Health and Change

The movie encapsulated complex themes such as grief, depression, acceptance and change. These ideas play a huge role on why the movie has worked for many, mirroring the current realities of many dealing with similar emotions as Otto. 

Emotionally appealing and sentimental statements from the movie acted as “quotable quotes” thus earning many praises from viewers.


Crowd Pleasing Appeal

The presence of the cat in the official movie poster was also a defining feature of the movie. Many might have expected it to be in the likes of other popular animal movies like Hachiko, A Dog’s Journey and others. 

Though the cat did not play a major role in the film, many promotional materials still highlight its presence and relationship with Tom Hanks’ character, Otto. It even earned its right to be featured in the trailer. 

Photo from Sony Pictures



Based on a Top Selling Book

A  Man Called Otto is based on a book by Swedish writer Fredrick Backman, A Man Called Ove (2012) and was hailed a best seller shortly after its English release in 2013. The novel also peaked on the New York Times Best Seller list just over a year after its English release and remained on the top charts for 42 weeks. The book was so well received that naturally, they had to make it into a full-length movie. 

Photo from Sony Pictures


It’s a Box Office Hit! 

A Man Called Otto starring Tom Hanks was released worldwide in January of 2023. Upon its initial release, the movie garnered a worldwide gross of $112 million. In the succeeding months, the movie garnered more attention in addition to its million grossing. 

A Man Called Otto is currently streaming on Netflix. Have you seen it? Share your thoughts about the movie in the comments section below!

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