Experience the World’s First Cinematic and Immersive Attraction with Haven XR

by Naomi Grace Cavaneyro
Haven XR
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What if we tell you that you can immerse yourself in a cinematic adventure of your choosing while in a space created just for it? That’s what Haven XR has to offer, and it’s coming to Malaysia and Singapore in 2024!

Haven XR is a cinematic and immersive attraction that uses Location-Based Virtual Reality (LBVR). That means you’re not just an onlooker anymore. You are integral to the movie’s story—your choices will drive the type of adventure you will have.


This ground-breaking attraction is a collaboration between Sim Leisure Group, a Malaysian-born attractions developer and operator, and Haven XR Holdings, an Australia-based Hollywood entertainment industry player.

“HavenXR represents the pinnacle of innovation, where technology meets creativity to produce an interactive movie experience you’ve always dreamed about – and now, for the very first time, with HavenXR, it becomes a reality,” said Sim Choo Kheng, founder and executive chairman of Sim Leisure Group, during the launch.

So far, no further details or photos have been released to tease everyone about the full-sensory attraction. However, the inside scoop is that audiences can enter an adventure as a group of four that lasts 20 to 30 minutes while experiencing the story through their own choices.

The first adventure teased by the production is ‘The Keeper’ a horror cinematic XR experience that looks quite promising with haunted imagery and ghoul-like monsters. No worries for non-horror fans since more adventures are coming your way.

Watch out for the HavenXR Center launch in Malaysia and Singapore in 2024’s first quarter.

Are you as excited as we are to try this full-sensory attraction next year?

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