Malaysian couple wins over New York with Southeast Asian pastries

by Gabrielle Marcelo
Lady Wong's Seleste and Mogan
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In this edition of SEAtizens, we feature Lady Wong owners Mogan Anthony and Seleste Tan who are celebrating the culture of Southeast Asia through unique colorful pastries known as Kueh.


It’s safe to say that Malaysian couple Mogan Anthony and Seleste Tan have won over the big apple with their unique Southeast Asian desserts. Mogan and Seleste’s business started as a delivery service during the pandemic, and has since expanded into a full-fledged store called Lady Wong in New York City. Deemed as an up-and-coming bakery on the east side of New York, the restaurant has received numerous positive reviews from top food publications in the United States such as The New York Times, Food Network, Forbes, Bon Appetit and many more.

Lady Wong has a tagline of “Rooted In Tradition, Inspired By New York” as they celebrate and spread the love for Southeast Asia’s timeless flavors. They specialize in Kueh (also known as Kuih or Kue) which are traditionally sweet or savory bite-sized cakes.


Lady Wong Kueh

Photo from Lady Wong


The term “Kueh” refers to a vast range of desserts found in Southeast Asian countries, mostly from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. Some types of these sweet desserts are also found in Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines. This started from the staple sweet food made from glutinous rice and coconut milk and has evolved through time and tailored to each country’s specialty.

Seleste and Mogan share on their official website, “We spent a good amount of time traveling, cooking, eating, and researching. Even though our careers have taken us around the world, as we get older, we miss that nostalgic childhood food and flavors.”

These chewy and delectable desserts can be found specially made in Lady Wong, most of them gleaming with color.


Lady Wong Colorful Kueh

Photo from Lady Wong


Lady Wong is located in the East Village. 332 East 9th Street, New York and is open Monday through Sunday from 11 AM through 8 PM or 10 PM depending on the day. They also have pop-up events limited for a short period of time featuring various Southeast Asian dishes.



Lady Wong shares their creations and events on their Instagram and Facebook page showcasing beautifully made pastries almost everyday. Or visit their website to see more of what they do.


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