Vietnamese barber making waves online for unbelievable client glow-ups

by Gabrielle Marcelo
Cam Do
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In this edition of SEAtizens, we feature Cam Do, a Hawaii based Vietnamese barber, who is making waves online for creating his client’s dream glow-ups.

Cam Do, also known as @_cambarber on Instagram, is a licensed professional hairdresser who started sharing his work on the platform in 2020. His videos usually start with him asking his clients what look they want to achieve and recommending hairstyles for them. This process might seem simple, but his consultations consistently shock netizens because of the amazing transformations he’s able to achieve with his clients.

Cam’s first few posts merely showed off static before and after photos and a few reels, but after gaining traction for his haircuts, he has since improved his content by filming his work process from start to finish. To prove the immense success of his work, Cam’s Instagram profile now has almost 400,000 followers, with his most viral video gaining 4.6 million reactions and 87 thousand comments.



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Part of Cam’s unique approach is asking his clients their horrifying haircut experiences. Many clients often say that their previous barbers don’t really listen to their requests and don’t give tips to maintain their haircuts, contrasted with Cam Do who is sought after for being a personable barber who aims to help his clientele maintain their new look. HIs services include the basic haircut, eyebrow and beard trimming to the more complicated services such as coloring, highlights, bleaching, straightening and perming.

Cam Do is also known for his funny blind challenges where he asks his client to randomly draw mystery haircuts. This results in videos that are entertaining to watch while giving his clients a unique hairstyle and a surprising boost of confidence with their new looks.



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Hilariously, a large number of clients come to Cam’s shop not of their own accord but from the recommendations of their significant others, their mothers and even their friends who see Cam’s posts on Instagram. After their initial consultations, many come back to avail of Cam’s services over and over again. Some people even visit Hawaii and make it a point to stop by his shop to get their regular appointments done.

Cam Do or @_cambarber has made it on the map in Honolulu, with clients streaming in from all over to get their glow-ups with his unique and professional hairdressing skills. For more information about Cam Do, visit his Instagram profile or his squire page to make an appointment today.


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