High Five Reasons To Watch “Rewind” starring Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera

by SEA Wave
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By Nicole Bamba


Mae Cruz Alviar’s Rewind captured the hearts of viewers with its heart-wrenching story of two lovers’ test through time. The film is one of the top grossers in the recent run of the Metro Manila Film Festival, but what exactly makes Rewind a standout among its competitors?

Here are SEA Wave’s High Five reasons why you should watch Rewind.


The Plot

Rewind Premise

Photo from ABS-CBN Star Cinema

Mary (Marian Rivera) and John (Dingdong Dantes) are a married couple whose relationship gets tested by John’s workaholic attitude. While Mary is a loving wife to her husband, John is a self-centered and arrogant partner who has devoted himself to work. When challenges arise, Mary finds herself wanting to leave John, but fate has other plans. John soon encounters “Lods”, a god-like human who makes a deal with him to swap fates with his wife and rewind time to correct the wrong things he did before the deadline.

While time travel is an important aspect of the story, the narrative provides an easy-to-follow  sequence of events that leaves the audience rooting for John’s redemption. Though the film’s narrative becomes too predictive, the touch of Filipino humor adds a layer of warmth and sets Rewind apart from foreign movies with similar premises.


The Lead Actors

Rewind Marriage

Photo from ABS-CBN Star Cinema

Married couple Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes are back together in their much-awaited return to the big screen. The chemistry between the couple extends beyond touching moments to include lighthearted banter and comedic timing. It’s vital that their on-screen rapport as a married couple enhances the film’s comedic elements and deepens the connection with the audience.


The Music

Sa Susunod na Habang Buhay by folk-pop group Ben&Ben was effectively used for the film’s soundtrack to amplify emotions for both joyful and poignant scenes. Rewind used the song as a recurring motif, with multiple variations and instrumental versions added to the film’s musical score, effectively enhancing the emotional resonance and coherent theme throughout the film – no matter what lifetime or timeline, love endures.


The Themes

Rewind Marian Rivera and DingDong Dantes

Photo from ABS-CBN Star Cinema

Rewind highlights themes of forgiveness, change and reconciliation. The film beautifully depicts the brevity of life and how feelings of regret, guilt, and resentment can pile up and weigh you down. The film is a heartfelt exploration of how people can change and make amends through genuine efforts and expressions of love. While the film emphasizes these key themes that tug at the heartstrings, it also delivers moments of laughter as a welcome break to the dramatic tension. It’s an emotional watch that leaves viewers contemplating on life, love and second chances.


The Pacing

Rewind Lods

Photo from ABS-CBN Star Cinema

With a blend of humor and heartbreak, Rewind masterfully navigates a narrative that will have you laughing and tearing up throughout the film. The execution of the story’s pacing guarantees a perfect balance–neither too fast nor too slow, allowing the audience to fully immerse themselves in the emotional journey of the movie. The film utilizes the transitions of each scene to establish a certain mood to leave a mark on the audience. The concluding moments of the film are skillfully crafted, leaving viewers with a bittersweet feeling that resonates with the complexities of life.



Overall, the film was a rollercoaster ride of emotions – a perfect mix of humor and emotional catharsis. It is a film that prompts personal reflection on relationships and life choices, propped up by amazing performances by the lead actors and a pacing that gives the audience room to breathe. It stakes its claim as a must-watch film at the Metro Manila Film Festival 2023, offering a captivating cinematic experience.

SEA Wave rates this series a 3 ½ out of 5. Definitely worth the watch!

Rewind is now showing in Philippine cinemas nationwide.


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