The Call of the SEA: SEA Wave is once again looking for the most inspiring stories from the region for the SEAtizens initiative.

by SEA Wave
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In 2020, amid the pandemic, the SEAtizens initiative was launched with a commitment in mind: to highlight the most inspiring stories of people from Southeast Asia and their meaningful contributions to their communities. These stories had the vital purpose of inspiring hope in a time that needed it most and influencing social change in the communities they could reach.

Even as the world returns to normal, the SEAtizens initiative continues to serve as a platform for these stories while also featuring stories that promote the preservation of cultures, the empowerment of unseen communities, and the promotion of meaningful advocacies.

The project has given its platform to so many inspiring stories throughout the region, like the story of JK” Vanialingam’s fashion initiative from Malaysia, the environmental art of Ou Vanndy from Cambodia, and the mural paintings of Belinda Low from Singapore. All of these stories have not only served as inspiration for communities, but they’ve also fostered unity that transcends cultural and geographical divides.

Now in its fourth year, the SEAtizens initiative remains steadfast in its commitment to highlight the most inspiring and heartwarming stories throughout the region, and as we enter its fourth year, SEA Wave is once again looking to feature more uplifting and inspiring stories that showcase the best that Southeast Asia has to offer, to give voice to people in this part of the world and touch the rest of humanity.

If you or someone you know has a story that wants to be shared to rest of the region, send us a message at! We will be featuring your stories alongside some of the region’s best in our SEAtizens section, which you can browse here.



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