High Five Crossovers Between Southeast Asian Actors

by SEA Wave
High Five Crossovers Between Southeast Asian Actors
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By: Melany Mabagos

Crossovers—sometimes they seem like a fever dream, other times they come out as the perfect match.

Southeast Asia is a region filled with active and booming film industries, and in recent years, we’ve seen a rise in crossovers between the brightest stars from each country, giving audiences exciting and compelling movies that have only made fans want more.

Right now, we have no shortage of entertaining crossover films from the region, so here is SEA Wave’s High Five list of crossovers between Southeast Asian actors.

Side Seeing (2022)

La May Tren Bau Troi Ai Do (Side Seeing)

Photo by CGV

La May Tren Bau Troi Ai Do (Side Seeing) stars Vietnamese actress Ngoc Lan Vy and Thai actors August Vachiravit and Push Puttichai. This romantic comedy follows a girl from Vietnam (Ngoc) who travels to Thailand to meet her idol (Puttichai). Things take a different turn when she meets another boy (Vachiravit), causing them to fall into awkward situations of their own.

The film was sponsored by the Tourism Authority of Thailand on its release and was made possible through the collaboration of Thai director, Thanadet Pradit and Vietnamese producer, Trinh Tu Trung.

Deleted (2022)


Photo by The Celebrity Agency

Deleted is a thrilling action movie that features actors from Singapore and Malaysia. The film follows a police detective’s frantic quest to find his daughter who is being held captive by human traffickers.

Starring Singaporean actors Zheng Geping and Vincent Ng Cheng Hye, alongside Malaysian actors like Fattah Amin, Rosyam Nor, and Henley Hii, the film’s relevant subject matter was supported by Malaysia’s Ministry of Home Affairs and the National Strategic Office Council for Anti-Trafficking in Persons & Anti Smuggling of Migrants (NSO MAPO).

Deleted also won an award at the Madrid International Film Festival 2022 for Zheng Geping’s performance as Outstanding Leading Actor.

The Night Curse of Reatrei (2024)

The Night Curse of Reatrei

Photo by Mega Ace Cineplex

Shifting gears to something spooky, The Night Curse of Reatrei is a thrilling Cambodian horror film that follows a family after they move into a new home. Unbeknownst to them, their new abode used to be an abandoned orphanage that is haunted by a relentless and vengeful spirit, who wreaks havoc until she finally gets what she wants.

The film is a thrilling exploration of Cambodian folklore, bringing it to the global stage and pushing the boundaries of the Cambodian film industry. You can expect a spine-tingling experience and performances from a star-studded cast including Cambodian actresses Yubin Shin, Tharoth Sam, and Norodom Jenna, alongside Burmese actor Paing Takhon.

Crossroads: One Two Jaga (2018)

Crossroads: One Two Jaga

Crossroads: One Two Jaga is a gritty Malaysian action crime film featuring actors from Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. The film follows the lives of individuals desperate to get their lives straight, but when their paths collide, all hell breaks loose. The film garnered rave reviews for its compelling story and critical commentary on corruption.

Written and directed by Malaysian director Namron, the film stars Malaysian actors Zahiril Adzim, and Amerul Affendi, Indonesian actors Ario Bayu and Asmara Abigail, and also features Filipino actor Timothy Castillo.

The film has also won numerous awards including Best Director at the ASEAN International Film Festival and Awards, Best Film at the Festival Filem Malaysia 30th, and was nominated at the 17th New York Asian Film Festival.

Under Parallel Skies (2024)

Under Parallel Skies

Photo by 28 Squared Studios

Under Parallel Skies is a romantic drama film that features a culturally diverse production. A man struggling with his past, Parin (Metawin Opas-iamkajorn) leaves Thailand for Hong Kong in search of his mother only to discover and experience love from an unexpected source.

Written and directed by award-winning Filipino director Sigrid Bernardo, and starring Thai actor Metawin Opas-iamkajorn alongside Filipina actress Janella Salvador, the film was lauded for the amazing chemistry between the two actors, the excellent use of its location, and its strong and well-written story.

These crossovers showcase the beauty of film by combining the diverse performing styles, distinctive storytelling approaches, and multiple cultural viewpoints of each country from the region while also promoting awareness and understanding between different cultures.

Are you excited for more crossovers between Southeast Asian actors? Share your favorite SEA crossover films in the comment section below!

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