Doulos Hope to bring its literary treasures to Malaysia this August

by SEA Wave
Photo From Doulos Hope
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By Maria Michaela Arosa

Doulos Hope, Southeast Asia’s inaugural floating library, is set to grace the shores of Kuching, Malaysia this August, bringing with it a world of knowledge and inspiration.

The remarkable vessel will depart from its Singaporean leg on July 29 to journey to Kuching, where it will dock for the month of August. This visit promises to cater to the literary needs of local book enthusiasts, offering a unique experience on the high seas.

Photo from Doulos Hope

Photo from Doulos Hope

Originally scheduled to dock in Kuching last 2023, the Doulos Hope experienced delays due to unforeseen circumstances. Gute Bücher für Alle (GBA) Ships, the charity organization behind the vessel, explained in a statement that they faced significant challenges in hiring engineers crucial for ensuring safe travel. And as safety is a primary concern, plans were made to reschedule the voyage to 2024 instead.

One of only two floating libraries globally, Doulos Hope sails alongside its sister ship, Logos Hope, which currently navigates African waters. These vessels dock in port cities for several weeks, transforming into temporary hubs of learning and exploration. GBA Ships’ mission is to disseminate knowledge, provide assistance, and inspire hope through these floating book fairs.

Photo From Doulos Hope

Photo From Doulos Hope

Visitors will be treated to an extensive selection of literature, spanning from non-fiction to fiction, children’s books to adult books, and even entertainment to religious texts. This diverse collection ensures that there is something for everyone, all available at accessible prices, making it a haven for book lovers of all ages.

As Doulos Hope prepares to set sail for Kuching, anticipation builds for the unique blend of adventure and learning it brings. For more details about this amazing vessel, visit their Facebook page.

Which book will you choose from this extraordinary floating library? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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