Starting the year creatively eco-friendly: Thailand’s single use plastic ban sparks viral trend

by Matthew Escosia
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After the recent ban of all single use plastics in major stores in Thailand, netizens took it upon themselves to post their creative alternatives of shopping bags in social media.

The trend went viral fast, with the internet begging for crazier alternative these Thai netizens come up with. ROV ไหมละ the original author of the post compiled all the pictures these Thai netizens posted around social media.

(photos from rovmaira’s facebook album post)

Photo credit: Thitiwut Varoon

Wheelbarrows: a sustainable and mobile shopping bag alternative


Photo credit: เจ๊โชว์ พาลุย

This Thai netizen opted for an empty sack of rice to put her goodies in


Photo credit: ทอปฟี่ แมคอัพ

This one probably had everyone laughing their faces off! Who would have thought laundry hampers could be used as shopping bags too?


Photo credit: กี้ ภูเนานิล

Shopping with a pail, only in Thailand


Photo credit: Earth’z Athip

This guy’s feeling a little extra on the suitcase


Thailand is one of the world’s biggest contributors of plastic waste, and their government launched this initiative “say no to plastic everyday’ to lessen the waste produced by the country and eventually eliminate the usage by 2022.

While some shoppers did not like that they have to pay for a reusable bag when they shop without their own, some were determined to lend a hand in reducing the plastic usage in the country. According to the Nida Poll of the National Institute of Development Administration, majority of the correspondents of the survey supported the ban on plastic usage as a way to tackle the growing problem of global warming and ocean pollution. Some believe that the ban should be imposed gradually as consumers need to adjust to it first.

This viral trend in Thailand might just be the spark we need to push ourselves to be more aware of the garbage we produce and start realizing the impact of one plastic bag we throw away every day, especially that Southeast Asia is one of the biggest contributors in plastic pollution in the world.

How about you? Did this viral trend inspire you to be more creatively eco? Let us know in the comments section below!

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