Fast Food Offerings We Want Back

by Matthew Escosia
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Sometimes, fast food restaurants had to make big sacrifices to cater fresher options due to much-needed menu revamps. These sacrifices, for better or for worse, include discontinuing popular food items.

For many, learning that they will not be able to eat their favorite meal again can be crushing. So for today, we commemorate some of the best fast food items that were put out of line. This is also an opportunity to petition some restaurants to consider bringing back the following goodies from the past.


Jollibee’s Swirly Bitz

It will remain a mystery why Jollibee all of a sudden stopped selling their popular Swirly Bitz, a vanilla ice cream mixed with cookie bits. A cookies and cream with a more fined crunch, this item was ‘90s kids’ go-to dessert when going to Jollibee for lunch, meryenda, or dinner.

Jon (26) from Quezon City said that while Jollibee has pulled out a lot of crowd favorites, Swirly Bitz remains the most memorable.

“Swirly Bitz yung binibili sa amin lagi nung araw. During elementary, yun ang madalas na meryenda after ng school,” Jon (27) from Quezon City stated.


Shakey’s Smoked Salmon Pizza

This limited-edition pizza by Shakey’s came out last 2019, but it certainly won the hearts of pizza lovers for its gourmet taste, with the salmon beautifully fusing with different kinds of cheese. While reception on the pizza was divisive, many have been strongly championing it since its release.


Chowking’s Orange Chicken

Before Panda Express came to the Philippines, Chowking had been offering Orange Chickens in their menu. This is a Chinese restaurant staple that Chowking was able to be good at.

Naalala ko in­-advertise ni Kris Aquino ito kaya bakit ko siya natikman. Na-sad dahil hindi na nila binalik. Parang ang bilis nawala,” Daniela (22) from Taguig noted about Chowking’s Orange Chicken.


Pizza Hut’s Unlimited Salad

Since a lot of people have been clamoring for unlimited Samgyupsal these days, Pizza Hut previously offered all-you-can-eat salad as part of their dine-in menu. Although Wendy’s is continuing something similar, eating veggies at a pizza place is always a fascinating idea.


KFC’s Double Down

Double Down was a bizarre idea for KFC, worthy to be on the same ranks when they decided to put a slice of cheese on top of a burger bun years back. Imagine a ham sandwich with two pieces of fried chicken fillets as your bread. Still, a weird concept if you think about it but, it’s actually really good.

“I have to admit, I wasn’t really a big fan of it dahil nakaka-guilty siya kainin. Siya yung not for the weak na pagkain. But it’s KFC chicken over KFC chicken. It’s hard to put down haha,” Hannah (22) from Antipolo said.


Chowking’s Braised Beef

In the spirit of their oriental goodness, the Braised Beef was a legendary food item for Chowking. This dish was delectable enough that many would vividly remember the many times they order an extra dose of sauce on their plate.

Maria (32) from Cainta described the Chinese fast-food giant’s Braised Beef as their “signature item.”

Their braised beef has that sweet, tangy texture that I really love. It’s me and my mom’s favorite food from Chowking,” Maria said.


Greenwich Pizza’ Sisig Pizza

Sisig on a pizza? Yes, this a real thing. Yes, it tastes exactly what you think it is. Greenwich is long overdue to a new memorable pizza, but we’re secretly – no, we’re loudly – hoping they put the Sisig Pizza back.


McDonald’s McRice Burger


Want to hear a food concept more bizarre than KFC’s Double Down? This memorable burger from McDonald’s has rice instead of buns. It’s basically a rice meal if you piece it all together, but eating this in the early 2000s was truly something.


Chowking’s Congee

Chowking’s Congee, like their discontinued Braised Beef, had a stellar run. Remember eating this on a rainy day, or being a go-to pasalubong by your parents when you’re sick?


Jollibee’s Champ Burger

Many Filipinos were heartbroken when Jollibee’s most celebrated burger Champ was pulled out by Jollibee indefinitely. Although burgers like Yum are still being sold, gone are the days when we go for a Champ upgrade when we feel like we deserve more. You will be missed, Champ!

“It’s one of their [Jollibee’s] best. Now, I just have to buy multiple yum burgers in order to fill me up haha,” Angelo (28) shared about Jollibee’s Champ burger.


Do you agree with our choices? What are other discontinued fast-food offerings you wish will be back? Share it with us in the comments section below.


Photos from Jollibee, McDonald’s, Chowking, Pizza Hut, Greenwich.


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