Lip Colors On!

by Matthew Escosia
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By: Abegail Genova


Aside from the lip’s biological function, lips are also a keypoint in aesthetics. Products to color our lips exist in a wide variety of colors and shopping for lip colors can be pretty overwhelming when you don’t know which one to pick.

Here is a basic guide for starting out with picking the right color for you based on skintone and undertones; undertones can be determined by the vein colors visible on your wrist.


Cool Undertones:

People with skin that falls under this category have the color of blue veins visible on their wrists and their skin appears to have pink, red or bluish hues.

For people within this category, the recommended lip colors are ones leaning to blue/purple tones of pinks and reds.

Emily Fox on wearing Rimmel Lasting  Finish by Kate Moss 20:
“It’s not too bright…and if you have a cool undertone this would look especially good on you.”

Watch her full video on how to find the best lipsticks for cool skin tone here:

Warm Undertones:

People with hues of yellow, gold or olive for their skin usually fall under warm undertones. The visible veins on their wrists appear to be green.

The most compatible colors for this undertone lean to the spectrum of warm colors of red and orange.

“I love this, it’s so nice. Look at that color and that finish.” Joyce Pring wearing a warm pink shade- Spanked Mattemoiselle by Fenty Beauty to match her warm undertone.


Watch her go-to lipstick shades and brands here:


Neutral Undertones:

People in this category have a bit of both from the first two mentioned undertones; both blue and green visible on their wrists and so therefore, colors from either warm or cool spectrum is applicable to this undertone.

James Charles on wearing Anastasia liquid lipstick – Sepia, matching a neutral skin tone:

“I literally fell back in love with it.”

Watch their makeup look tutorial here:

These recommendations based on which spectrum of color complements your skin tone are but a rule of thumb and there are more expansive recommendations online if you find yourself further interested in finding the best lip color for you.

If you do happen to like a specific color not within the measures of recommendation, don’t be afraid to pick what you like and try it on. If you really feel that you can pull off the color, then fret not–these are but recommendations. You do you so pucker up, apply your lip care and wear that color that you desire and strut your stuff!


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