Must SEA Movies on Netflix – Part 2

by Matthew Escosia
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Thanks to the growing popularity of Netflix in Southeast Asia, more titles from the region are now having the opportunity to be included in the streaming platform.

Not only does this make up a more diverse programming on Netflix’s library, but its inclusion also allows the platform’s global viewership to immerse on what Southeast Asia can offer—at least on a cinematic storytelling standpoint.

We have previously created a list of the must-see Southeast Asian movies on Netflix here, in which we recommended titles such as Dead Kids (Philippines), Shirkers (Singapore), Filosofi Kopi (Indonesia), Paskal (Malaysia), and The Stranded (Thailand).

Here is our new list, highlighting new Southeast Asian movies on Netflix that everyone should include on their next binge-watches.


The Night Comes for Us (2019) – Indonesia

SEA Wave pop culture magazine netflix the night comes for us

The Night Comes for Us is not for the weak. Its violence can feel too graphic or realistic for some, but it should not hinder you to appreciate the choreography of its action sequences which easily tops a lot of multi-million worth blockbusters from Hollywood. Think of it like you’re The Raid movies, but more terrifying. A must watch if you’re an action fan.


One Two Jaga (2018) – Malaysia

SEA Wave pop culture magazine netflix one two jaga

One Two Jaga interweaves the lives of corrupt cops and migrant workers in Kuala Lumpur, bravely going through the real-life issues of injustice surrounding Malaysia. Its action sequences and social critique gels together, resulting in an equally thrilling and eye-opening watch.


Jailbreak (2017) – Cambodia

SEA Wave pop culture magazine netflix jailbreak

There is only a limited amount of Cambodian films of Netflix, but if you’re looking for something that highlights the technical competency of the country, Jailbreak is a worthy watch. It’s stylistic, innovative, and impressively edited.


Furie (2019) – Vietnam

SEA Wave pop culture magazine netflix furie

Furie holds the record as the highest-grossing Vietnamese movie, much thanks to its impressive action sequences and effective emotional drama. It’s one of the best Southeast Asian movies you will see in Netflix.


A Land Imagined (2019) – Singapore

SEA Wave pop culture magazine netflix a land imagined

A Land Imagined is Singapore’s most acclaimed film last 2019, even being (deservedly) selected as the country’s entry to the Oscars. It is about a man trying to investigate a construction worker’s disappearance, tracking his possible traces. But the movie never stops in its mystery. A Land Imagined goes to different worlds, from dreams and nightmares to a computer game. It is a movie that succeeds in defying category and creating something new in the process.


Ang Pangarap Kong Holdap (2018) – Philippines

SEA Wave pop culture magazine netflix ang pangarap kong holdap

Ang Pangarap Kong Holdap, Marius Talampas’ comedy about a group of pickpockets trying to make it big in their circle, is a great case of a Netflix sleeper hit. The movie was pulled out in a lot of cinemas during its theatrical run despite the appeal of its humor to Filipino audiences. Its success is more proof as to why streaming platforms are great distribution venues for content that are struggling to find its audience.


Happy Old Year (2019) – Thailand

SEA Wave pop culture magazine netflix happy old year

Happy Old Year is the latest from the acclaimed filmmaker Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit, which could also be his best work yet. Its study on minimalism opens up a painful depiction of removing excess baggage from past heartbreaks and other sentimental memories. An easy recommendation for everyone.


What are the other Southeast Asian movies you want us to include on this list? Comment down your suggestions below.

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