Disney’s new ad centers on Filipino Christmas

by Matthew Escosia
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By: Patricia Yap


Growing up, Disney has, and will always have a special place in each person’s heart. This time around, they tugged a little harder at the heart strings with a nostalgic and heart-warming advertisement about familial love, specifically for the Filipino.

Today, Disney released a Christmas advertisement in the morning, and immediately went viral.

Set in the 1940s, the short ad begins in a familiar Filipino-setting with a little girl starring in amazement at the luminous parols (a star-shaped lantern unique to the Philippines) glowing all around her. As she stares, a family member, presumably her father, hands her a stuffed Mickey Mouse plush toy.

Come 2005, the little girl is now a grandmother and is seen living in a foreign country with her granddaughter. The grandmother shares her beloved Mickey Mouse toy with the granddaughter while they make parols, and the short continues until they’ve both grown a little older.

The short ad ends with the message “From our family to yours”, and Disney meant this quite literally.

The viral ad was not only meant to promote the company but to share the spirit of Christmas with more people. Proceeds from the ad’s track “Love is A Compass” by UK artist Griff and a real-life version of the Mickey Mouse plush will be donated to Disney’s 40-year long children’s charity organization partner, Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Given the ad’s touching depiction of the “Paskong Pinoy” tradition (Filipino Christmas) and its general message of familial love, Filipinos and Non-Filipinos alike had tears in their eyes. A lot of people have even posted on social media about their grandparents and their most precious memories with them.

In this season of love, Disney reminds us once again of the importance of family, love, and solidarity.


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