Thai Fantasy Rom-Com “The Shipper” Finally Arrives on iWantTFC

by Matthew Escosia
The Shipper Thai Series
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A fan girl goes to great lengths to turn her obsession with two boys into a real-life love story in the 2020 Thai series “The Shipper,” which will be available for free on the iWantTFC streaming service this December 28.

The fantasy romcom begins with Pan (Prigkhing Sureeyaret), a die-hard boys’ love fan who “ships” two boys and fantasizes over them entering a romantic relationship with one another. Pan’s “ship” involves – Way (Fluke Pusit), a popular athlete and Kim (First Kanaphan), an outstanding student who are good-looking best friends that attend the same university as Pan.

Since Way already has a girlfriend, Pan’s ultimate fantasy of him and Kim being in a relationship seems impossible, until one fateful night when Pan and Kim get into a motorcycle accident. Due to the angel of death’s mistakes, she accidentally switches the souls of Pan and Kim, which results in a body swap between them.

The Shipper Thai Series

Pan, in Kim’s body, wakes up in disarray and is ordered by the angel of death to not tell anyone about the mishap until she figures out how to swap their bodies back. On the other hand, Kim, in Pan’s body, remains unconscious and unrecovered.

Now that Pan has control over Kim’s body, she uses this opportunity to achieve her dream of having Way fall in love with Kim.

Will Pan be successful in getting Way and Kim to fall in love with each other? Or will she blow her cover and completely ruin everyone’s relationships?

 “The Shipper,” produced by Thai content company GMMTV, caught the attention of viewers for its complex yet heart-tugging story when it was released in Thailand early this year.

Subscribers in the Philippines can stream the Filipino-dubbed episodes of “The Shipper” for free beginning on December 28 on the iWantTFC app (iOs and Android) or on Viewers can also enjoy watching on a bigger screen through select smart TV brands, ROKU streaming devices, and Telstra TV for global users. For the complete list of compatible devices, sign in instructions, and account activation, visit

For updates, like and follow @iwanttfc on Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to For inquiries and concerns about the service, users can also send a message on iWant TFC’s Facebook page or e-mail

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