WATCH: Netflix premieres trailer for “Lupin” Part 2

by Matthew Escosia
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By: Sophie Querijero


Netflix premieres the much-awaited trailer of “Lupin” Part 2, providing our first official look on the upcoming episodes of the platform’s hit French series.

Watch the trailer here:

 The trailer reveals that the plot of Lupin Part 2 will begin immediately from where the first part ended.

Lupin was created by George Kay and ranked number one in the charts of numerous European countries, as well as Canada, Argentina, South Africa, and Brazil. The series is Netflix’s first French program to enter the U.S. Top 10.

The series is entitled “Lupin” after Diop’s idol and role model, Arsène Lupin, an extremely well-known gentleman thief and master of disguise. Created by French writer Maurice LeBlanc in 1905, the popularity of the character of Arsène Lupin in France is comparable to that of Sherlock Holmes in the United States.

If you haven’t seen it yet, Netflix’s Lupin revolves around the life of Assane Diop, played by actor Omar Sy. Diop, the son of a Senegalese immigrant, seeks to get revenge on those who framed his father and caused him to commit suicide.

His desire to do so placed him in much danger and, as the second part picks up from where it left off, placed his son in danger as well. The first part of the thriller series consisted of five explosive episodes, captivating the audience in each episode. The second part, revealed in the trailer, is rather reminiscent of the movie Taken, with the kidnapping of Diop’s son. Audiences are left to wonder how he will be able to get his son back given his limited resources.

Lupin Part 2 will be released on Netflix this Summer 2021!



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