Starbucks Celebrates 50 Years with New Drinkware Collection

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - Starbucks Philippines 50th Anniversary
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By: Sophie Querijero


Did you know that Starbucks is celebrating its 50th year this March? Established in 1971, the Seattle-based brand grew exponentially in popularity and, after five decades of serving coffee all over the world, is one of the most-known brands today. The global coffee chain is releasing a collection of limited-edition drinkware to celebrate the important milestone and to give their customers something to look forward to.

SEA Wave - Starbucks Philippines 50th Anniversary Tumbler

Starbucks 10oz Double Wall Glass Mug 50th Siren (left) and Starbucks 12oz Double Wall Ceramic Mug 50th Siren (right) priced at PHP 1,425 and PHP 1,295 respectively

The 50th Anniversary Collection is one that pays homage to the brand’s logo of the Siren, which the website says is their “symbol of optimism for the next 50 years as she heralds a sustainable future for coffee.” The limited-edition collection features the Starbucks Siren with a color scheme of teal green, blue, and brown with various finishes and gold and metallic accents.

SEA Wave - Starbucks Philippines 50th Anniversary Tumbler

Starbucks 16oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle 50th Siren (left) and Starbucks 16oz Stainless Steel Tumbler 50th Siren (right) priced at PHP 1,595 and PHP 1,450 respectively

The brand’s signature 50th Siren is featured heavily on its merchandise, including a 10oz glass mug, a 12oz ceramic mug, a 16oz water bottle and a 16oz tumbler. They also creatively make use of the Siren’s tail as a design element for their 12oz glass mug.

The wide array of Starbucks limited-edition merchandise also has non-drinkware items including a coffee bag ornament for your accessorizing needs and a recycled tote bag as an friendly reminder to shop green.

SEA Wave - Starbucks Philippines 50th Anniversary Mug

Starbucks 12oz Glass Mug 50th Anniversary Scale, PHP 895

SEA Wave - Starbucks Philippines 50th Anniversary Merchandise

Coffee Bag Ornament 50th Siren (left) and Earth Day Recycled Tote Bag (right) priced at PHP 425 and PHP 695 respectively

You can find the Starbucks 50th Anniversary Collection in their physical branches (availability may vary per location) and the Flagship Store in Lazada.

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