No Filipino ARMY Left Behind: BTS Hopes to Perform All Over the Philippines

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - Smart BTS Philippines
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By: Bianca Velasquez


International sensation BTS revealed that they will definitely not leave the Philippines out of their next Southeast Asian Tour as soon as COVID-19 subsides!

In a press conference last April 22, Telco giant Smart launched a new video featuring their brand ambassadors for the “Passion With Purpose” campaign, K-pop group BTS. The boys said that they hope to visit the Philippines and perform for Filipino ARMYs. The group also shared their memories of the Philippines when they last performed in the country in 2017.

RM said “I’d like to visit again as soon as possible”, noting that they would visit the country almost every tour. Jin stated that “[The] Philippines is a great country and I really want to go there as a vacation spot”, sharing how much he would like to spend a holiday in the country.

SEA Wave - Smart BTS Philippines

BTS in Coron, Palawan | Image from 2017 Summer Package Vol. 003

Other members of BTS also had a lot to say about the Philippines and their Filipino fans: Suga, being a basketball fan, shares how much they love basketball and how they occasionally watch Philippine basketball games; J-Hope shared how they do not want to leave the Philippines out of their next tour and expressed his love for Filipino food; Jimin gave assurance to the fans, letting them know that they receive all their messages that the Filipino ARMY sends to them on social media; V stated how much he wants to reunite with the Filipino fans as soon as they can; and Jungkook expressed his gratitude for the fans, for their never-ending love and support for the group.

So here’s hoping that Filipino fans will be celebrating life after the pandemic at a BTS concert! All your efforts to connect with the boys have definitely not gone unnoticed and soon enough, they will be able to return the love that Filipino ARMYs have been giving them!

Featured image from Smart

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