What’s New in Andok’s?

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - Andok's Burger
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By: Olivia Ong


Andok’s is taking chicken to a whole new level as the food chain gained some much-deserved attention for its Dokito Burger and Litson Baka.

Most of us only know Andok’s for their litson offerings, but the Dokito Burger breaks away from that to show us that there’s more to Andok’s than just spit-roasted ulam. This underrated fried chicken burger has been around for a hot minute but only started garnering attention recently. Not only were people surprised to learn that Andok’s even sold chicken burgers—deviating from the roasted chicken that the establishment was recognized for—but they also weren’t ready for the amazing flavor it had. And with its affordable price of P65 (P77 on GrabFood), it’s no wonder that the Dokito Burger is quickly being recognized as a chicken burger favorite.

SEA Wave - Andok's Dokito Burger

Andok’s Dokito Burger, Image from Andok’s

Looking at it, there’s nothing truly special about the burger at first glance. The Dokito Burger has all the essentials: a fried chicken fillet, lettuce and tomato between two buns and some honey mustard sauce. However, this shouldn’t be mistaken for another boring burger because this truly embodies the phrase “less is more”. The chicken patty achieves the perfect balance of a crunchy exterior with a tender interior that are enhanced by the crisp lettuce and plump tomato slices. The patty’s slight saltiness balances well with the sweet and tangy honey mustard sauce, giving the sandwich a signature flavor that is uniquely Dokito.

SEA Wave - Andok's Spicy Dokito Burger

Andok’s Spicy Dokito Burger, Image from Andok’s

Dokito, short for Dokito Frito, is actually Andok’s line of fried chickens that also includes a Spicy Dokito Burger for as low as P65. Apart from having the classic Dokito flavor, the chicken patty of the Spicy Dokito gets its distinct spiciness because Andok’s actually marinates the chicken patties in a brine with chopped up chilli among other ingredients. This ensures that the flavor penetrates the entire patty and gives it that delicious and juicy spice that would definitely appeal to those of us who love chasing the heat.

SEA Wave - Andok's Litson Baka

Image from Andok’s

Meanwhile, the new Litson Baka has also been stirring up social media platforms. While litson manok has always been an Andok’s staple, the new litson baka dish has got people rushing to see if it lives up to their expectations about the litson icon, and why not when it’s available for only P340 (P352 on GrabFood). The new menu item trended on social media with #BakaNaman as people posted about their experiences and thoughts on the dish, and the consensus seems to be a massive thumbs up. Social media users raved about the delicious new addition to the menu, with a taste reminiscent of the food chain’s famous liempo and a gentle smokiness similar to their litson manok. Despite the familiar tasting experience, it’s an entirely new experience with the texture of sliced beef along with the added vinegar packet that blends with all the flavors nicely.

Andok’s Dokito Burger, Spicy Dokito Burger and Litson Baka are available on GrabFood or in their Andok’s Dine-In branches. Have a taste and let us know what you think about the new menu items in the comments section below!

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