High Five: Starbucks Japan Flavors We’d Love To Try!

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - Starbucks Japan Flavors
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By: Patricia Yap


Japan is known for a lot of things: anime, technology and mouthwatering food options that you can’t find anywhere else. Starbucks Japan released 47 new Frappuccino flavors to celebrate its 25th anniversary and to honor Japan’s 47 prefectures that made all 25 years of good coffee and connections possible.

The exclusive new frappes highlight each prefecture’s unique and specialty flavors, and will only be available in these areas’ branches. Unfortunately, people outside of Japan do not have access to these drinks just yet due to the ongoing pandemic. But when this is all over and we’re able to travel again, we’re sure to hit up Japan’s Starbucks stores in no time.

So for now, here are High Five Starbucks Frappuccino Jimoto (or local) flavors that we’re excited to try.

Tokibi Creamy Frappuccino (Hokkaido)

Image from Starbucks

Made using Hokkaido’s pride export Tokibi corn, the Tokibi Creamy Frappuccino is blended with creamy milk, white chocolate syrup, and topped with ground up cornflakes.

While some people might argue that corn isn’t a “special” flavor because of how often it’s being used in other desserts nowadays, these people do not understand how locally-grown Tokibi corn in Japan is on a whole other level! It’s unexplainable but when you’re in the Hokkaido prefecture in Japan, trust us when we tell you to try corn to experience the sweet taste and unique texture firsthand.

Nagomi Mitarashi Coffee Frappuccino (Chiba)

Image from Starbucks

One of the most unique blends among the new flavors, the Chiba Nagomi Mitarashi Coffee Frappuccino incorporates soy sauce into the classic frappe mix. Yes, you read that right, soy sauce!

Chiba prefecture is known as one of the biggest producers of soy sauce, so it’s no wonder that this drink made use of it. A special sweetened soy sauce blend is mixed with coffee and cream and generously drizzled with sweet and salty syrup.

It might be weird to think of a frappuccino with soy sauce in it but we can’t deny how intriguing it is, to the point that it makes us want to drink it!

Summer Blue Frappuccino (Kanagawa)

Image from Starbucks

The Kanagawa Summer Blue Frappuccino is such a bright sky blue that you’d think its color is artificial. It’s not! What gives the drink its pretty blue hue is butterfly pea, an all edible and safe to consume blue flower. This frappe is made with a tea syrup blend of the butterfly pea, cream, whipped cream, and topped with citrus chunks, painting us the perfect picture of the Kanagawa seaside.

Again, it’s one of those unique “I can’t believe this is real” kind of flavors that just draws you into it even more. Definitely, the Kanagawa frappe is not just a pretty sight.

Maroyaka Apple Butter Caramel Frappuccino (Nagano)

Image from Starbucks

Places around the world make apple butter more or less make it the same way—without butter. Japan, however, makes apple butter with actual butter. Made with Japanese apple butter—a local favorite among citizens of the Nagano prefecture—the Nagano Maroyaka Apple Butter Caramel Frappuccino features just that plus caramel sauce and cream.

We all know that butter goes into desserts like pastries, right? But have we ever had butter in our cold frappuccinos before? Well, we surely haven’t and that makes this drink all the more exciting!

Ginger Citrus Yaki Frappuccino (Kochi)

Image from Starbucks

Asia is known for its extensive use of herbal medicines, including Japan. Accordingly, one very popular ingredient for such medicine is the humble ginger.

Made with a simple blend of ginger syrup, citrus and vanilla cream, the Kochi Ginger Citrus Yaki Frappuccino might seem like it doesn’t have nearly enough ingredients, but it certainly packs a powerful punch that creates an energetic sensation.

Once again, ginger is an ingredient that you wouldn’t find in a cold sweet drink like a Frappuccino. But here it is brought to life by Starbucks, and we are living for it!

Special Mentions

Image from Starbucks

If you’re a fan of matcha yet want something different, you can try Starbucks’ Shiga Biwablue Citrus Frappuccino that’s also made with Butterfly Pea but with a dusting of Matcha powder.

Image from Starbucks

The Dera Umya Anko Coffee Frappuccino from Aichi is made with ogura toast, a favorite coffee shop staple in Japan. This drink is a blend of ogura toast, coffee, red bean paste sauce, and chocolate chips.

Starbucks Frappucino Japan Nagasaki

Image from Starbucks

Made with Castella cake, a popular sponge cake in Japan, the Nagasaki Castella Coffee Yan! Frappuccino is a dessert person’s dream come true. Here, the Castella cake is soaked in espresso and blended with milk and white chocolate syrup, all topped with whipped cream, brown sugar and honey.

Check out the full list of the 47 Jimoto Flavors here. What do you think of Starbucks’ bringing to life Japan’s local flavors? Do you have a Frappuccino you’d like to try? Share it with us in the comments section!



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