HBO Max teases “Titans” season 3 in new look

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - Titans Season 3 HBO Max
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The new trailer for the third season of Titans has been released by HBO Max, and the stakes are higher than ever.

From Bruce Wayne making the grave decision to finally step down as Batman and passing the burden onto Dick Grayson to Red Hood’s arrival to conquer the city, Gotham is about to be plunged into destruction unless the heroes can stop it.

The last season’s finale left viewers with a lot to process. Dick Grayson finally takes on the role of Nightwing and defeats Deathstroke with the help of Rose, allowing Jericho to leave his father’s mind and enter Rose instead. Fans also had to say goodbye to Donna as the half-Amazon is returned back to Themyscira in a coffin after sacrificing her life to save a couple from an electrical pole, with Rachel leaving for the mythical island as well to study. The episode ends with a possible teaser of what chaos to expect in the upcoming season as Blackfire arrives on earth by possessing a woman.

The trailer heads down a gruesome path as the death of Batman’s ally seems to push Bruce Wayne past his breaking point. A clip in the trailer shows the end of a somber conversation where Bruce leaves Dick Grayson with haunting words : “Be a better Batman”.

As the Dark Knight finally steps down as Gotham’s protector and passes the role onto a reluctant Nightwing, Red Hood emerges from the shadows to wreak havoc across the city, forcing Dick Grayson to reach out to Dr. Jonathan Crane, better known as Scarecrow, under Commissioner Barbara Gordon’s counsel.

The upcoming season introduces new characters such as Curran Walters as Red Hood, Damaris Lewis as Blackfire, Savannah Welch as Barbara Gordon, and Vincent Kartheiser as Scarecrow.

The first three episodes of the new season will premiere on HBO Max on August 12, with the following episodes airing every Thursday leading up to the finale on October 12.

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