Ryan Reynolds buffs up as Dude in “Free Guy”

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - Free Guy Movie Ryan Reynolds Dude
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By: Mabel Villanueva


Ryan Reynolds is putting on some serious muscle for one of his roles in Free Guy, a new science-fiction comedy film about a video game character who becomes self-aware.

Guy, played by Reynolds, is an NPC or non-playable character who discovers that he is in an open-world video game. Guy then takes it upon himself to be the hero – both in the game and out of it – in order to save his world before the developers shut it down permanently.

But this isn’t the only role Reynolds is set to play, as he will also portray Dude – a buff henchman sent by the villainous Antwan (Taika Waititi) to stop Guy. It’s Reynolds vs Reynolds and wacky hijinks ensues!

Watch the new spot here:

Dude is only the first of presumably many surprises that Free Guy has in store for its viewers.

The satirical-style comedy movie is currently showing in US theaters.

Featured photo from 20th Century Studios

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