Dingdong Dantes launches premium and professional last-mile delivery service

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - Doorbell Technologies Inc. President and CEO Dong Dantes with Dingdong® Riders
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Dingdong®, an All-Filipino delivery service solution provider, officially launched Dingdong® Direct Delivery, a last-mile logistics program for businesses, organizations, and communities, that aims to eliminate the irregular delivery or service fee being charged in every transaction.

In lieu of these delivery or service fees, Dingdong® business and merchant partners can now experience a flexible and more convenient points-based delivery system through Dingdong® Direct Delivery which allows them to maximize their budget especially in bulk and pre-booked deliveries.

“We want to make things easier for our partners and make last-mile delivery accessible and more affordable to all businesses. With Dingdong® Direct Delivery, our partner companies, organizations, or communities can now allocate and maximize their budget via our premium delivery service subscription that is highly customizable and with very affordable rates,” shared Doorbell Technology Inc. President and CEO Dong Dantes.

SEA Wave - Doorbell Technologies Inc. President and CEO Dong Dantes with Dingdong® Riders


Dingdong® Direct Delivery currently offers two (2) subscription models that can help their partners optimize and customize their logistic needs based on highly flexible and low-cost packages.

The Dingdong Direct Delivery Premium packages present more affordable and adaptable plans that are perfect for MSMEs and home-based businesses. Partners can choose from three (3) cost-friendly Premium packages that best fit their number of deliveries monthly.

The Dingdong Direct Delivery Elite packages allow businesses to better allocate their budget for their monthly delivery operations without breaking the bank with its low-cost and customizable terms and arrangement. Subscribers can easily modify their day-to-day, or even their month-on-month delivery requirements through an established credit system that will enable them to experience a smoother, and bespoke delivery plan based on their demands.

Dingdong® partners can easily avail themselves of the Dingdong® Direct Delivery plan for as low as Php 8,000 per month. Interested parties can message hello@dingdong.ph to learn more about Dingdong Direct Delivery.

“Hatid Dingdong® is an enabling solution that offers premium delivery service to businesses, organizations and communities through a customizable subscription model that revolutionizes last-mile delivery,” Dantes explained in his social media post.

Dingdong® also assures that all transactions made by Dingdong® Riders will be delivered with the utmost concern for safety, security, and professionalism––with professional malasakit.

All Dingdong® Partner and Fleet Riders undergo a comprehensive training program in collaboration with non-government organizations YesPinoy Foundation and Rotary Club of Makati, educating and preparing them with proper package handling, road safety, and customer excellence and courtesy, among others.

Dingdong® Fleet Riders are also equipped with SMK full-face helmets and quality protective rider gear from Motoworld to show that they are professionally geared up to deliver and protect every package they are entrusted with.

As Dantes described it in his social platform, Dingdong® “is a brand of leadership that prioritizes the professionalization of our delivery riders, our modern frontline heroes whose lives we hope to impact through education and livelihood opportunities.”

To know more about Dingdong® and its delivery solutions, visit their official website www.dingdong.ph, and follow them online via their official Facebook page, facebook.com/dingdongphilippines, and official Instagram account instagram.com/dingdong.ph/.

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