Take on the challenge and try these “Squid Game” inspired food offerings in Metro Manila

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - Squid Game Food Offerings Metro Manila
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Still can’t get over Netflix’s hit series Squid Game? Have you ever found yourself wanting to try out the different challenges yourself? Well, you aren’t the only one.

These Squid Game-inspired food offerings are here for you to experience just how difficult the challenges are, without the fear of getting eliminated!

The Dessert Museum’s Dalgona Candy Kit Challenge

Take on the honeycomb challenge with The Dessert Museum’s Dalgona Candy Kit! For just 249 pesos, you get 8 pieces of Dalgona Candies with the same shapes as those Squid Game. Challenge your friends to see who can be like 456 and meticulously carve out the umbrella shape, or take it easy and carve out a circle-shaped dalgona candy. Be careful though, if you take the challenge in the Dessert Museum, there’s a punishment that awaits for those who fail to carve it out!

Order your own Dalgona Candy Kit from The Dessert Museum’s Facebook Page.

Hodai’s Honeycomb Challenge

Another honeycomb challenge but with a surprising and delicious twist! Hodai, an unlimited Korean and Japanese Barbecue restaurant, offers one free Daebag set worth 599 pesos if you win the challenge! The meal set includes unlimited pork, beef, shrimp, sashimi, sushi, side dishes, and sauces, so without the consequences of failure, there’s just no reason not to try it for the awesome prize. Players have until October 10 to start carving!

Check out Hodai Restaurant’s Facebook Page for the complete mechanics.

Mama Lou’s Squink Game Challenge

Italian restaurant Mama Lou’s has a special promo to those who purchase their Squid Ink Risotto! Dining in at any one of their Metro Manila branches will get you a chance to receive a Squink Game card. Once received, you can place your Squid Ink Risotto order Mama Lou’s delivery hotline #6262 (MAMA) where a creepy voice over will instruct you on how to avail the buy one take one promo. Sadly, the voice over will not be Gong Yoo, but at least you get to enjoy another serving of Squid Ink Risotto for free!

Visit Mama Lou’s website to see their list of Metro Manila branches.

It’s clear that Squid Game has taken the world by storm so we’re looking forward to more challenges, food or otherwise, to come!

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