Great Movies to Binge this Women’s Month

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - Great Movies to Binge this Women's Month
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By: Trisha Raquid


Tired of gender stereotypes in your movies? Do you want to watch a feel-good film that will make you go “You go, girl”? Don’t let gender norms get the best of you! Be empowered and boost your self-worth with SEA Wave’s women-focused films to celebrate Women’s Month this March!

Hidden Figures

This biographical movie tells the story of three iconic black women mathematicians who are known for their great contributions in NASA while fighting for their rights and gender biases. Be hooked with their skills and solidarity as they fight for their rights and break through the gender norms in the workplace and education. If men can do it, women can do it too!

Freedom Writers

Speaking of empowerment, be inspired by the story of Erin Gruwel in 1995 where she asked her 150 students to write about their lives. These stories were later published as a collection of  personal essays in The Freedom Writers Library which eventually had its own movie adaptation in 2007 called Freedom Writers.  Erin Gruwell is a teacher that was able to change not only her life, but also empower her students to do what they think is right and not be intimidated by societal norms.


Before 2021 ended, Disney gifted us a magical movie that was able to reach the hearts of many viewers. The magical realism and careful representation of Colombian culture brings forth a compelling message that resonates with our lives. While this movie showcases family toxicity, it was able to bring a new perspective to represent women, especially the elder sisters of the family. This movie reminds us of the different aspects and dimensions of being a woman, which anyone can surely appreciate.

A Portrait of a Lady on Fire

The award-winning film, A Portrait of a Lady on Fire, is said to be the first film directed by a woman to win the Queer Palm at the Cannes Film Festival. This movie is a 2019 French historical romantic drama, captured through the female gaze, that tells the story of an 18th-century painter and an aristocrat that doesn’t want her wedding portrait to be painted. Together, they fight for their freedom against patriarchy and expectations of society as they explore womanhood through artistry.



Liway, writer-director Kip Oebanda’s semi-autobiographical film about his life during Marcos dictatorship and a mother’s journey of her own resistance as Commander Liway. It’s a powerful Filipino film of why the best leaders shouldn’t be bounded according to their own gender.

Erin Brokovich

If you’re more into legal movies, put Erin Brokovich on your top list! This multi-awarded movie is based on the true story of Erin Brokovich, a divorced mom of three children, who sought triumph against the PG&E company that continues to contaminate the water of her small town in California. Watch Erin Brokovich as she bravely wins a legal fight against the water company and protects not just her family, but also her community and the environment moving forward.

Wonder Woman

Celebrate women empowerment with our most famous woman superhero and feminist icon – Wonder Woman. Before becoming Wonder Woman, she was once the princess of the Amazon named Diana until she met the American pilot Steve Trevor, who crashed on the shores of Amazon.  Watch how Wonder Woman has become the beacon of strength of our generation as she unravels her full powers and destiny in saving the outside world from conflicts and war.

Miss Congeniality


Miss Congeniality is a movie that shows how a boyish FBI agent had no choice but to go undercover as a contestant in a beauty pageant to stop terrorist bombing from happening. Although known for being an ugly duckling and lack of confidence, she eventually achieved self-empowerment through her newfound friends in the beauty pageant. This feminist movie will surely break sexist stereotypes that are still present in today’s time.

What Women Want


What Women Want is a romantic-comedy movie about a chauvinist man, Nick Marshall, who advertises products for women. He later on obtains the ability to hear the thoughts of women he interacts with which he uses for his own advantage.  He plans to use this power to win over every woman she meets, especially those he will get to benefit from like his boss, Darcy Maguire. This movie shows the transformation of Nick’s mindset towards women as he listens deeply to their thoughts.

Mamma Mia


Mamma Mia is about Donna, an independent hotelier in the Greek islands, who reunited with her two old friends to help her prepare for her daughter’s wedding, Sophia. Meanwhile, her daughter secretly invites the three men of her mother from the past in hope of meeting his real father. This legendary feminist musical-like movie will surely teach you to be empowered and spread body positivity while empowering other women too!

Check these empowering movies through your favorite streaming platforms and don’t forget to share it with your friends!

Do you know any women-centric movies that’s not in the list? Share it with us in the comments section!

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