‘Bridgerton’ Prequel Novel: A Glimpse of Queen Charlotte’s Story

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - Bridgerton Queen Charlotte Prequel
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By: Angel Manzano


Dear all Bridgerton fans, we will finally get to see the story of Queen Charlotte in an upcoming prequel novel.

Bridgerton author Julia Quinn and television showrunner Shonda Rhimes are working together for a Bridgerton prequel based on the Netflix series focused on Queen Charlotte’s story.

The novel will be published by Avon Books. The book is set to release together with the Netflix show’s premiere, as revealed by a tweet from Avon Books.

The prequel novel will tell not only how Queen Charlotte rose to power, but also how the love story of the Queen and King George came to be. It will also include the societal shift that caused the world that we know of in Bridgerton.

Rhimes shared that writing the character of Queen Charlotte and being able to work with Quinn has been such an exciting opportunity. “I can’t wait for fans of this universe to read the story of a character that has resonated so deeply with our audience,” Rhimes added.

Quinn also added, “I’m especially thrilled to have the opportunity to write about Queen Charlotte, who was not in the original novels. Her character— and Golda Rosheuvel’s brilliant portrayal of her— was a tour de force, and I think readers will love getting a chance to know her more deeply.”

The release date of the Bridgerton prequel novel is yet to be announced.

What do you want to know about Queen Charlotte in the prequel novel? Share your thoughts below!

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