Your Ultimate Lighthearted Companions: High Five Self-Help Books Starter Pack For Gen Z Readers

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By: Jia Jarin

A book is a companion in pages. In a world of cliché advices, lengthy lectures, and borderline toxic positivity, self-help books that genuinely help its readers are hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Like a close friend, the good reads are those that inspire you to be a better version of yourself and offer a deeper understanding of life. Whether you want to cope with adult anxieties, learn new habits, or have a better sense of purpose— the best self-help books would jumpstart the changes you want to do.

Check out these High Five self-help must-haves that are surely easy to digest, compelling, and transformative.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck (By Mark Manson)

SEA Wave - Self-Help Books - The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck Chapter 3. Book Cover photo by Fully Booked, Chapter photo by GoodReads.

We’ve all tried to drown our problems with too much positivity at least once in our lives. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life gives you that healthy dose of pessimism and hard-to-swallow truths that life does suck sometimes. It’s a book that helps you ponder over the inevitability of adversaries and how to recognize which problems are worth “giving a f*ck about”.

Book Quote Spotlight: “‘self-improvement’ is really about: prioritizing better values, choosing better things to give a fuck about. Because when you give better fucks, you get better problems. And when you get better problems, you get a better life.”

It’s OK to Feel Things Deeply (By Carissa Potter)

SEA Wave - Self-Help Books - It's OK to Feel Things Deeply By Carissa Potter

It’s OK to Feel Things Deeply. Photos by

Compared to Mark Manson’s work, It’s OK to Feel Things Deeply is on the other side of the spectrum with its playful illustrations and handwritten texts. The book will be your go-to ally for self-care as it offers an uplifting read on mental health. Instead of listing down must-do’s for healing, the book gives raw warmth to its readers and reminds us that we’re not alone. Through splashes of color and short nuggets of wisdom, Carissa Potter takes you to a diary-like, visual journey that will surely be comforting, especially to those who are going through similar experiences.

Book Quote Spotlight: “Research shows that you can feel better…by being aware, taking small steps for yourself, asking for help, and always knowing that you are loved.”

Gmorning, Gnight! (By Lin-Manuel Miranda)

SEA Wave - Self-Help Books - Gmorning, Gnight By Lin-Manuel Miranda

Gmorning, Gnight! page preview. Book Cover photo by Fully Booked, page photo by Maddie Barker.

Need a serotonin boost? Whether you just woke up or you’re wrapping up your day, Gmorning, Gnight!: Little Pep Talks for Me & You is a book of affirmations written by the genius behind Hamilton and In the Heights. If you’re not into pages-long analogies or preachy testimonials, the book will definitely hug you with its conversational tone and gentle reminders— sort of like a soft voice that tells you how awesome you are and that there are brighter days ahead.

Book Quote Spotlight: “Gmorning. Try and face the world with your best self, even if the world doesn’t respond in kind. Don’t do them, do you… Gnight. Tomorrow, we try again. Rest up.”

How to Do Hard Things (By Veronica Dearly)

SEA Wave - Self-Help Books - How to Do Hard Things By Veronica Dearly

How to Do Hard Things Chapter 1. Photos by Veronica Dearly.

What makes How to Do Hard Things: Actual Real Life Advice on Friends, Love, Career, Wellbeing, Mindset, and More charming is because of its smart and candid wisdom on adulthood. As the book touches on different topics with humor, engaging page activities, and authenticity, it will draw you in until its last page. How to Do Hard Things is a lighthearted life manual, and a compass to help you how to move forward with change or personal goals.

Book Quote Spotlight: “The difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude a lot more complex than a sanctimonious ‘motivational’ quote.”

“Do One Thing Every Day” Series (By Dian G Smith and Robie Rogge)

SEA Wave - Self-Help Books - Do One Thing Every Day Series

“Do One Thing Every Day” Series. Photo by Amazon.

Unlike the previous self-help books in this list, the “Do One Thing Every Day” Series guides its readers to personal growth by providing 365 quotes and prompts. Dian Smith and Robie Rogge’s journals allow you to check in on yourself, reflect, and look inside to discover what can make you inspired, mindful, scared, smarter, or a world-changer. If you’re looking for wholesomeness or relaxation, Do One Thing Every Day That Makes You Happy and Do One Thing Every Morning to Make Your Day are your must-have journals.

SEA Wave - Self-Help Books - Do One Thing Every Morning to Make Your Day

“Do One Thing Every Morning to Make Your Day”. Photo by

SEA Wave - Self-Help Books - Do One Thing Every Day Series By Dian G Smith and Robie Rogge 1

“Do One Thing Every Day that Makes You Happy”. Photo by

Which book from our list would you want to read first? Do you have other self-help books to recommend? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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